Pete Rivera, FHIMSS

Job Title: Director Informatics, Hayes Management Consulting
Email: Pete Rivera, FHIMSS
Twitter: @Gator_Pete
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Pete Rivera’s blog reviews and discusses industry issues, including Electronic Health Records, Practice Management systems, Informatics and Population Health. His blog provides a forum to discuss factors that are affecting adoption across the industry, implementation challenges inherit with these systems and how organizations have been able to overcome some of these challenges. This blog provides business office, information technology and clinical professionals an opportunity to comment on the good, the bad and the ugly side of Informatics.

Pete’s background includes 21years of U.S. Naval service both as a Chief Hospital Corpsmen and Medical Service Corps Officer. During which he gained experience as an Emergency Medical Technician, Navy Corpsman for the U.S. Marines, Practice Management Officer, AAFP Residency Practice Management Director, Tele-medicine projects and computer system security officer. At Hayes he has worked as: Interim Chief Information Officer, Strategic Planning, System selections, EHR and Practice Management systems implementations. He is currently the Hayes Informatics Director.