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Giving Recovering Addicts a Digital Support System 24/7

Gabriel Perna
At Memorial Hermann Health System’s Prevention and Recovery Center (PaRC), leaders have implemented a digital platform that provides its recovering addicts with a support community from the touch of their phone. Thus far, the center has gotten patients to buy-in and use it for after care.

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Q&A: The Opportunity for Patient Engagement in Community Health (Part 1 of 2)

April 18, 2014     Gabriel Perna
Jan Oldenburg is a leading authority on patient engagement, having edited a book for HIMSS on the subject and worked on developing digital engagement systems for Kaiser and Aetna. She talks about patient engagement in community health in part 1 of this two-...

UPMC Data Breach Affects 27K Employees; Nearly 800 Hit by Tax Fraud

April 18, 2014     Rajiv Leventhal
The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) is reporting that the personal information of 27,000 of its employees might have been put at risk by identity thieves, with nearly 800 workers falling victim to a fraudulent tax return scheme, say multiple news...

Mayo Clinic Launches Smartphone App

April 17, 2014     Gabriel Perna
The Mayo Clinic has launched a smartphone application with Better, a consumer health startup company based in Palo Alto, Calif., that aims to educate patients through tailored healthcare information.

Study: Consumers Use Mobile Apps to Track Health, But Don’t Involve Docs

April 17, 2014     Rajiv Leventhal
While 70 percent of people use mobile apps on a daily basis to track calorie intake and monitor physical activities, only 40 percent share data and insights with their doctors, according to a new study by the Wellesley, Mass.-based mobile engagement provider...

Tech-Focused Medical Group Startup Raises $40 Million

April 17, 2014     Gabriel Perna
One Medical Group, a San Francisco-based startup that allows patients to schedule same-day appointments, request prescriptions, track their personal health between visits, and get lab results digitally, is receiving $40 million in funding this week.

Lack of Interoperability Holding Back 'Robust Health Data Infrastructure'

April 16, 2014     Gabriel Perna
The lack of interoperability is a major impediment to the development of a robust health data infrastructure, according to an independent report commissioned by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), with input from the Office of the National...

It Takes a Village to Treat a Child…Data Helps Too

April 16, 2014     Gabriel Perna
At one of the largest pediatric hospitals in the country, a multidisciplinary team is using population health technology to measure and analyze outcomes data in real-time for patients and providers. The initiative has created a culture shift and improved care.

Providing a Frontline of Defense for PHI

April 16, 2014     Rajiv Leventhal
As the rapidly evolving healthcare industry faces increasing challenges to keeping PHI protected, there is a growing need to ensure knowledgeable and credentialed security and privacy practitioners are in place to protect this sensitive information. Health IT...

Blackberry Makes Healthcare Move, Invests in NantHealth

April 15, 2014     Gabriel Perna
Blackberry, a well-known smartphone Waterloo, Ontario company based in Canada, is making a move into healthcare, with an investment into NantHealth.

Advisory Committee Signals New Phase for SMART Platforms Project

April 15, 2014     David Raths
The SMART Platforms project at Boston Children’s Hospital, which is developing an apps platform for healthcare, is shifting into a higher gear with the formation of an advisory committee to guide the organization on strategy, technical approach and business...

Consumer Beware: Online Health Searches Carry Risk, Study Says

April 14, 2014     Rajiv Leventhal
The quality of the information available on the Internet may depend on what is searched for, and the results could be hazardous to one’s health, according to a University of Florida study recently published in the journal Decision Support Systems.

How Smart Do You Want Your Physician’s Phone?

April 14, 2014     Pete Rivera
Not too long ago we were all working diligently to deliver handheld solutions to physicians. It was a “mobile device” that would allow access to HIS, patient lists, and lab results. It was either an HP iPaq or some other device that required proprietary wireless...