PODCAST: What the Rise of mHealth Could Mean for Patient Engagement

May 7, 2012
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Harry Greenspun, M.D. on how mHealth can help spur patient engagement
Harry Greenspun, M.D.

In this podcast, Healthcare Informatics Assistant Editor Gabriel Perna talks with Deloitte’s senior advisor for healthcare transformation and technology,  Harry Greenspun, M.D. on the subject of mobile health (mHealth) and patient engagement. Greenspun’s Deloitte recently released a report, “Open Mobile: the growth area accelerates,” which stated the mobile Health market is projected to grow to $4.6 billion by 2014. Of all the sectors with growth opportunities in 4G, healthcare had the highest potential, according to Deloitte. Meanwhile there have been a lot of efforts to increase patient engagement recently, especially with the regulatory implications of Stage 2. Dr. Greenspun talked about how these two issues interconnect, how mHealth must evolve to properly engage patients, and how payment reimbursements play into everything.

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