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Which hospitals and health systems have been the most effective with clinical decision support systems? @BADR_N111 3/19/2014

It turns out that several critical success factors have clearly emerged, with regard to what works in implementing clinical decision support systems within inpatient electronic health record (EHR) systems. First, successful organizations have engaged physician champions and frontline practicing physicians from the very beginning, in terms of helping to evaluate commercial CDS systems and select a system. Second, they have made strides to optimize elements of those CDS systems prior to go-live. Third, they have further engaged physicians in effective training prior to go-live, and through ongoing end-user support following go-live. And fourth, successful hospital organizations have continued to refine and optimize their clinical decision support tools following go-live, based on the unfolding experiences of physicians as they use their CDS systems. In other words, CDS success is longitudinal and multi-dimensional. And it requires strong leadership from the CMIO, CMO, and other clinician and clinical informaticist leaders within any organization doing the adoption.”