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Multiple Best-of-Breed Applications Make Up Population Health Stack, Execs Say

May 26, 2016     David Raths
Shawn Griffin, M.D., chief quality and informatics officer for Houston-based Memorial Hermann Physician Network, and Tricia Nguyen, M.D., executive vice president for population health, Texas Health Resources, share their perspective on population health trends.

Taking a Deeper Dive into the Healthcare Informatics 100

May 25, 2016     Rajiv Leventhal
As of Monday, May 23, all Healthcare Informatics 100 company listings have been made public on our website. Now, let’s dive into some of the details of this year’s compendium.

How Big a Role Is Health IT Playing in Physician Burnout?

May 23, 2016     David Raths
I spoke recently with Philip Kroth, M.D., associate CMIO at the University of New Mexico Hospitals, about an AHRQ-funded study of the health-IT related factors associated with clinician stress and burnout.

A Sober Analysis Sees Both Forward Movement and Complexity in ACO Development Nationwide

May 21, 2016     Mark Hagland
An article published last month in the Health Affairs Blog offers a compelling analysis of the growth and progress of ACO development nationwide—and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of ACO development going forward

System Design Can Improve Radiologist-Physician Communication Productivity

May 20, 2016     Joe Marion
Clinician and patient collaboration, aided by technology are vital to productivity improvement and can benefit clinical decision support and results communication

Looking at the M&A Dance in Healthcare IT: How Will 2016 End Up, Trend-Wise?

May 19, 2016     Mark Hagland
The analysis by Michelle Mattson-Hamilton and Ben Rooks of ST Advisors of merger and acquisition activity in 2015 speaks to some of the fundamental realities of the U.S. healthcare system’s broader trajectory

What Do the Latest Survey Results about Consumer Interest in Wearables Really Mean—for Providers?

May 15, 2016     Mark Hagland
A new study by analysts at PriceWaterhouseCoopers finds that healthcare consumers are very interested in wearable devices—and also that providers have a real opening for patient engagement around those wearables

Datapalooza Day 2 Report: Health Data Liberation Remains a Political Struggle

May 10, 2016     David Raths
An underlying tension at the Health Datapalooza Conference is that many of the people attending are activists and patient advocates who argue that individuals should have control over how their health data is used and that providers have a moral imperative to make it easier for them to access that...

The Yelp Approach to Healthcare Quality Improvement

May 9, 2016     David Raths
The University of Utah Health System has taken the Yelp approach by publishing online all quality ratings and patient comments about providers. Is this a viable path to quality improvement?

Is Dr. Halamka Right When He Says that MDs Might Leave Practice over Health System Reform?

May 9, 2016     Mark Hagland
When Dr. John Halamka says that excessive complexity in the required measures under the proposed new rule issued by CMS could cause him to leave medical practice, federal healthcare officials might want to pause to consider

Yale New Haven Health System Shares Lessons Learned On its Value Journey

May 4, 2016     Heather Landi
Hospitals and health systems can glean significant lessons learned from Yale New Haven Health System's ongoing journey to improving quality and lowering costs, including the health system's willingness to openly share its challenges and best practices.

Is Encryption a Safe Harbor From Data Breach Reporting? Not in Tennessee

May 4, 2016     David Raths
A recent amendment to Tennessee’s data breach notification statute has eliminated a provision requiring notice only in the event of a breach of unencrypted personal information.

Another “Is Meaningful Use Dead” Debate? You Don’t Say!

May 4, 2016     Rajiv Leventhal
The recently released proposed MACRA rule brings up a question that has been debated more than once of late: is meaningful use, as we know it, over?

Demystifying Deconstructed PACS

May 4, 2016     Joe Marion
Deconstructed PACS can be useful, but requires an understanding of the differences.

Could a Personal Letter Start a Medical Revolution?

May 4, 2016     Mark Hagland
Could Dr. Martin Makary’s letter to Dr. Thomas Frieden, CDC director, asking for a change in how deaths are recorded, change how the U.S. healthcare system approaches medical errors in hospital care?

What If Your Business Associate Went Out of Business Suddenly?

May 3, 2016     David Raths
In the past when I heard consultants or corporate attorneys talk about the importance of crossing all the T’s and dotting all the I’s in business associate agreements, I sometimes thought they were overstating the case. No more!

Watching CMS Listen to Providers

May 3, 2016     Mark Hagland
Last week’s announcement on the part of CMS officials proposing significant changes to Medicare payment for physicians signaled an increasing willingness on their part to dialogue iteratively with providers about what needs to be changed---and when

HIE’s Role in the Exchange of Poisoning Information

April 28, 2016     David Raths
The Utah Health Information Network will be the hub for bidirectional data flow between emergency departments and poison control centers.

Working with FHIR: Micky Tripathi’s Vision of Standards-Driven API Development in Healthcare

April 27, 2016     Mark Hagland
Micky Tripathi, CEO of the Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative, shared with me a nuanced, insightful view of the journey ahead on interoperability in healthcare—one that avoids the binary thinking so common in healthcare

Can Medicare’s New Comprehensive Primary Care Plus Model Help PCPs to “Score” in the New Healthcare?

April 19, 2016     Mark Hagland
CMS’s announcement last week of the new Comprehensive Primary Care Plus model sends a clear signal about federal healthcare officials’ intentions around physician payment