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All hands on deck at Beth Israel

March 20, 2009
by kate
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Just wanted to give an update of the status of the situation at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. According to a story published in the Boston Globe, physicians are banding together to donate $350,000 to help fend off layoffs. A lot of organizations talk about banding together, but it seems like it’s more than talk at BICMC. Kudos to them!

To stave off layoffs, Beth Israel doctors agree to give $350K

The heads of 13 medical departments at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center yesterday said they would collectively donate $350,000 to the Boston hospital in an effort to further reduce planned staff layoffs.

They are also calling on hundreds of other doctors affiliated with Beth Israel Deaconess to donate money as a way to save colleagues' jobs.

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This really does speak volumes about how BIDMC has ensured that their physicians are part of the fabric of the organization as a whole. I could see a "case study" or an 'education session" about how they have done what they have done, because many others could benefit from it.

That's seriously impressive... and indicative of a culture that will achieve great success as a natural outcome of fundamental values. Those kind of values will long outlive the temporary inconveniences of economic turbulence.

Thanks for passing this long, Kate.

You're right: "Those kind of values will long outlive the temporary inconveniences of economic turbulence."

Ten years ago, I was working for a corporation that was at imminent risk for a massive layoff. Although the mechanics were a little different, the physicians and other executives (Directors and VPs) made significant contributions (between 10 and 50 thousand dollars, per volunteering, contributing Director and VP) to overt layoffs. To your point, the cultural spirit of dedication to the organization was palpable and long lasting.


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