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PACS Nursery Rhymes

April 25, 2008
by stacey
| Reprints

I’ve been interested in PACS for a while now, but, not for nothing it’s become increasingly more important to me. Now that I’m eight-and-a-half months pregnant, I know that instead of just hoping that my baby is well-positioned, or wondering if my kid will end up being Shakil O’Neil size at birth (in which case I’m booking my C-section today), I know I can rely on IT and can scratch my plans of stopping off at Spencer’s Gifts for a Magic 8-Ball. It’s not just that I enjoy collecting the black-and-white images of my baby in-utero (though I really do, and my husband and I are using them for the beginning of our baby book), but that I feel reassured on the way home, holding my snapshots. PACS has opened up a whole new world for clinicians and patients, and as the technology, storage and accessibility evolves, you can guarantee medicine will evolve with it. Still, I hope my son doesn’t end up looking the size of Godzilla because one way or another, he’s got to come out.



Stacey Kramer is Managing Editor of Healthcare Informatics. She writes feature stories and...