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Kudos to CNN News - Did I Just Say That?

March 15, 2009
by Tim Tolan
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It’s rare for me to agree much with CNN as I see through their extremely liberal reporting as they communicate with the American people as if we are all a bunch a of bozos.

I digress.

Having said that… I have found an area of (let’s just call it) common ground where we may see things in the same light. CNN feels the same way I do when advising candidate’s that are looking for a job in this challenging economy. I was surprised! The article I am referring to basically states that if you are in this job market and feeling discouraged at all about the prospects of landing your New New Thing – you should turn off the news. NOW. Thank you CNN. Now we are getting somewhere...

They are spot on . OK – Here is my advice one more time. Turn it OFF Now. Do not pass go – do not try to collect your $100 – just turn it off NOW. I wrote about my own personal plans to boycott the evening news last week. So far…so good. It does not appear that I have missed much. My attitude is better, my stress level and blood pressure appear to be much lower and overall I feel a lot better about the future and the business outlook after removing bad news from my daily diet and avoiding the evening for 30 solid minutes every single night.

Yeah – I’m much better nowJ

And…you should feel good too! This is a great time to be in healthcare IT. Period. The recently passed stimulus package has billions of dollars allocated for healthcare, including $21 billion for healthcare information systems and technology. That is really good news. God I love healthcare IT!

So that’s my update as I approach week number 2 with no news. I do not miss it at all. To me watching this junk daily is sort of like having a daily root canal. Now that would be painful!

Life goes on and the wheels on the bus go round and round. I thought I would go through “news withdrawal” with some noticeable symptoms I could point to. But I can’t. I feel great and I am doing just fine! Now back to the many books I am reading - now that I have more time on my hands….


Tim Tolan

Senior Partner, Sanford Rose Associates Healthcare IT Practice


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