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The Great Divide: Financial & Clinical Systems

April 8, 2014     Pete Rivera
Many organizations compartmentalize their systems into clinical and financial Systems. It’s almost as if the CIO grew up familiar with billing /scheduling systems and the clinical systems is just something that evolved under the doctor's purview. The thought...

Building a Pipeline From Classroom to Health System

April 8, 2014     David Raths
With the health IT landscape shifting so rapidly, how can educational programs charged with churning out health IT talent keep their curriculum relevant? Washington state has created a forum to allow representatives of employers and health IT training programs to...

New Hiring Rules

March 4, 2014     Tim Tolan
The world of hiring in the healthcare IT is definitely changing. Recently a new policy was implemented at a hospital in northeastern Florida to screen for smokers during the hiring process.

5 Risks of Staying Too Long with the Same Employer

March 3, 2014     Tim Tolan
I arrived in Orlando on Monday to attend this years HIMSS conference with much anticipation - as I always do. I’ve been going to this conference for decades now (only missed one year) and really enjoy the environment and energy.

Sharp’s Bill Spooner Shares His Perspectives on the Road Ahead for CIOs

February 25, 2014     Mark Hagland
Bill Spooner, senior vice president and CIO of the San Diego-based Sharp HealthCare, shares exclusively with HCI his perspectives, as he prepares to retire from that position, after a distinguished career as an industry leader in healthcare IT

Women Urged to Tackle the Difficult

February 24, 2014     Charlene Marietti
The annual HIMSS conference is a microcosm of the healthcare IT world—and it’s a guy world. But there is plenty of room for women--women with the right mindset.

Career Paths: A Time to Shine

February 3, 2014     Tim Tolan
What was your finest hour? It’s a fair question, and one that I like to ask the candidates (in one way or another) I interview. What’s amazing is that many have no idea how to articulate the major highlight of their career—their finest hour.

Paying Thanks

January 30, 2014     Tim Tolan
There comes a time in your career to reflect and realize how you got here. I’ve heard story after story about self-made women and men, and how they reached the pinnacle of success without help from anyone. They did it on their own. My hats off to those who can...

I Had Spirit, So Shouldn’t You

January 30, 2014     Gabriel Perna
A bad airline experience—we’ve all been there. A recent encounter with one airline got me thinking about the over-hyped value of a sticker price and the incredible importance of a superior end-user experience. Undoubtedly, healthcare providers should take heed.

A Rant on PTO: The Time to Unplug

January 21, 2014     Tim Tolan
This rant is about something near and dear to all of us: I’m talking about down-time. Vacations should be your time – a treasured block of non-working days (or hours) just for you and yours. A time to simply enjoy life by doing whatever you want to do - travel,...

GUEST BLOG: Top Three Skills Healthcare Leaders Will Need in 2014

January 15, 2014     Pamela Dixon and Steve Nilsen
One thing became clear in 2013: all leaders across the health system have been challenged to keep pace with change, and the best of them have been driving change. Here are the top three skills all healthcare leaders will need in 2014.
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