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UVA Health System Launches eReferral/eConsult Pilot

January 27, 2015     Gabriel Perna
The University of Virginia Health System is piloting an eReferral/eConsultation initiative, the academic center recently announced.

Paul Tang’s New-Century Challenge: Time to Start Treating Patients Like People

January 26, 2015     Mark Hagland
At iHT2-San Diego, an appeal to healthcare leaders to begin thinking about person-centered healthcare—and to begin to think about the implications of the concept for care delivery going forward

Top Ten Tech Trends: "Clinical Informaticists 2.0"

January 23, 2015     Mark Hagland
What will senior clinical informaticists need going forward? Rock-solid skills and big-picture understandings and leadership capabilities, that’s for certain

Top Ten Tech Trends: Taking Consumer-Generated Health Data to the Next Level

January 22, 2015     Rajiv Leventhal
We have now entered the world of patient-generated health data (PGHD), an emerging concept that was covered in last year’s Top Ten Tech Trends, but has since evolved. The question is, is the healthcare industry ready to take PGHD to the next level?

ASCO Launches Big Data Platform for Cancer Care

January 22, 2015     Rajiv Leventhal
The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) has announced that it will deliver a big data platform to improve care for cancer patients.

Top Ten Tech Trends: Early Building Blocks of the Learning Health System Falling Into Place

January 22, 2015     David Raths
Many informatics experts see the signs of health IT progress taking place today as stepping stones toward the development of a learning health system, in which health systems routinely share data to learn more about the causes of disease and the treatments for...

AAFP: Physicians Forced to Switch EHRs, Unhappy With New Systems

January 21, 2015     Rajiv Leventhal
The American Academy of Family Physicians Family Practice Management Journal has released a report that said doctors are being forced to switch electronic health records (EHRs) and there is widespread dissatisfaction among physicians who have switched.

Will FDA Clarify Approach to Clinical Decision Support in 2015?

January 21, 2015     David Raths
The FDA also has released its schedule for developing guidance for the 2015 fiscal year, and prioritized on the list is medical device clinical decision support software. Many in the health IT industry are relieved that the FDA has prioritized clinical decision...

Paul Tang, M.D. at iHT2-San Diego: “Patients 3.0: What’s the Job of a Patient?”

January 21, 2015     Mark Hagland
Moving towards the new person-centered healthcare is going to require a dual revolution in thinking, says Paul Tang, M.D.

In San Diego, a Robust Exploration of HIE and Consumer Engagement

January 20, 2015     Mark Hagland
What will it mean to achieve “next-generation” health data exchange and true patient/consumer engagement and patient health management? A panel of industry leaders explores the topic at iHT2-San Diego

HCI’s Top 10 Tech Trends 2015: Parsing the Swirl

January 20, 2015     The Editors of HCI
We offer you, our readers, our Top Tech Trends for 2015. Each of the ten trends has its own significance—and urgency; together, they help paint a portrait of the landscape in U.S. healthcare at a time of fundamental change and intensifying activity.

Applying the Rothman Index to Reduce Mortality: Oconee Memorial’s Bold Push

January 18, 2015     Mark Hagland
One South Carolina hospital is leveraging a commercialized solution that brings the value of the Rothman Index directly to nurse managers, to reduce patient mortality, improve clinical outcomes, and enhance efficiency
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