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Specialty Telemedicine

May 26, 2011  |  Jennifer Prestigiacomo
To extend its geographic reach to enable patient tele-visits and physician tele-consults, the five-surgeon Dallas Neurosurgical and Spine Associates (DNS) recently implemented a communication platform, Lync (from the Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft). DNS, which...

Building a Telemedicine Framework

May 20, 2011  |  By John DeGaspari
Earlier this month the 20-hospital University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) announced that it signed an agreement with Alcatel-Lucent to develop a telemedicine platform and suite of applications that will enable patients to receive care outside the walls of...

D.C. Report: MU Stage 2 Timeline, Supreme Court to Hear Healthcare Challenge, ONC Strategic Plan, Telehealth Bill

March 29, 2011  |  Sharon Canner, Sr. Director of Advocacy
The Health IT Policy Committee’s Meaningful Use Workgroup discussed various options for the Stage 2 Timeline. Providers and vendors have urged a delay in Stage 2 implementation, while consumers, purchasers, and health plans have advocated for the current...

Rise of the Online Doctor Visit

March 22, 2011  |  Mark Hagland
Leaders of patient care organizations nationwide are beginning to facilitate online communications between physicians and their patients for common, non-urgent medical matters and ailments. One organization that is doing so is the 20-hospital, integrated...

The New Frontier

February 21, 2011  |  David Raths
One focal point of healthcare reform involves improving transitions in care settings, particularly to the home. Alternative reimbursement and care delivery models such as accountable care organizations are expected to require more patient self-management tools...

Market Trends Bolster Remote Monitoring, E-Visits

December 2, 2010  |  David Raths
One of the focal points of health reform is improving transitions in care settings, particularly to the home. Alternative reimbursement and care delivery models such as accountable care organizations will require more patient self-management tools and remote...

Let's Meet Onscreen

March 28, 2010  |  Daphne Lawrence
Many believe that telehealth solutions are going to be an essential component of healthcare reform. Indeed, Congress has earmarked billions of dollars under ARRA (The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009) to develop a broadband infrastructure to...

Trend: Smartphones

January 29, 2010  |  Kate Huvane Gamble
Physician use of handhelds is by no means a new concept. But as the devices - particularly the RIM BlackBerry, Apple iPhone and Google Android - become more sophisticated and more applications become available, the game is changing, quickly. And with so many...

Trend: Telemedicine

January 29, 2010  |  Daphne Lawrence
As the U.S. population ages and the number of patients with chronic conditions continues to rise, hospitals are beginning to leverage remote technology to improve care post-discharge and cut down on avoidable hospital readmissions. In addition, rural areas...

Critical Care Network

December 1, 2009  |  Kate Huvane Gamble
ICU telemedicine is quickly gaining traction. With the number of intensivists declining, cutting-edge hospitals are leveraging round-the-clock ICU technology to improve the delivery of critical care services in underserved areas.


February 1, 2009  |  Daphne Lawrence
A fundamental change in the way healthcare is delivered is rapidly gaining ground in the United States.


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