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What New Orleans Healthcare Leaders Understood—and What HCI’s Innovator Awards Winners Are All Doing

November 24, 2015  |  Mark Hagland
The Louisiana Public Health Institute’s leaders went full-bore to create strong connections around care management for providers and patients—and won second place in our Innovator Awards Program as a result

Georgia and Alabama Form State-to-State Exchange Connection

October 16, 2015  |  Heather Landi
Georgia Health Information Network (GaHIN), Georgia’ statewide health information exchange (HIE), and Alabama’s One Health Record have partnered to form a state-to-state information exchange.

California HIE Association to Manage Provider-to-Provider Trust Bundle

October 8, 2015  |  David Raths
The National Association for Trusted Exchange (NATE) is handing off administration of its Provider-to-Provider Trust Bundle to the California Association of Health Information Exchanges (CAHIE) so that it can focus on exchange with consumers.

Emergency Medical Service Providers Seek to Improve Data Sharing With Hospitals

October 2, 2015  |  David Raths
Emergency medical service providers have made progress to convert to electronic reporting in the field, but sharing of data with hospitals has so far been limited. Now efforts are under way to improve interoperability.

ACO Leaders Describe Lessons Learned Generating Actionable Data

September 23, 2015  |  David Raths
At AcademyHealth’s Concordium 2015 meeting Sept 22 in Washington, D.C., three physicians leading accountable care organization (ACO) efforts at academic medical centers described the challenges they face.

Overcoming Barriers to Connecting Data for Community Health

September 22, 2015  |  David Raths
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-sponsored Data Across Sectors for Health (DASH) project will highlight the challenges and opportunities in sharing data across sectors ranging from public health to government to social service agencies.

Task Force Calls for ‘HIE-Sensitive Measures That Matter’

September 9, 2015  |  David Raths
At the Sept. 9 meeting of the Health IT Policy Committee, Paul Tang, M.D., the committee’s vice chair, introduced a task force’s draft recommendations on interoperability.

Is Direct the Rodney Dangerfield of Interoperability?

September 7, 2015  |  David Raths
Several years ago, when the Office of the National Coordinator put its weight behind the Direct protocol as a way for providers to exchange information, some people working in the health information exchange space were concerned that it was a short-term...

Arizona HIE Eliminates Fees for Community Providers

September 2, 2015  |  David Raths
To boost participation rates, Arizona’s statewide health information exchange has announced changes to its funding model, eliminating the fee for community providers effective Oct. 1, 2015.

Maine’s VA Facilities Gain Access to HealthInfoNet

August 18, 2015  |  David Raths
HealthInfoNet, Maine’s statewide health information exchange, announced that it has become the first HIE in the nation to provide “viewing access” to Veterans Affairs clinicians.

At iHT2-Denver, Discussion of HIE Turns to Cultural and Business Issues

July 21, 2015  |  Mark Hagland
At the Health IT Summit in Denver, discussion of health information exchange inevitably turned to the cultural, strategic, and business issues around data exchange

A Change in Mindset: Thinking of HIE as a Utility

July 9, 2015  |  David Raths
Although health information exchanges struggle with getting providers to add cumbersome query capabilities into their workflow, many are finding success by providing a suite of other services that become invaluable to hospitals, physician practices and...


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