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Florida’s Statewide HIE Forges Ahead on Many Fronts

February 9, 2016  |  Heather Landi
For the past five years, the Florida Health Information Exchange has steadily grown, while also continuously evolving to provide services that meet the changing health information technology needs of healthcare organizations throughout the state.

Vermont HIE Focuses on Data Quality to Power ACOs

February 7, 2016  |  David Raths
The Vermont HIE, has made a concerted effort to improve data quality and to be a more valuable source of analytics data for the state’s three accountable care organizations.

The 2016 Healthcare Informatics Innovator Awards: Co-Third-Place Winner—Indiana Health Information Exchange

February 2, 2016  |  Rajiv Leventhal
In Indiana, the Indiana Health Information Exchange is building a model that has potential to blaze the trail for other HIEs across the U.S.

Peering Into 2016: Five Major Questions We’d Love to See Answered this Year

January 4, 2016  |  Mark Hagland
U.S. healthcare faces many significant questions, as we begin a new year. Here are five worth pondering.

Report: Beacon Community Programs Show Mixed Progress on Health IT Use, Quality Measures

December 18, 2015  |  Heather Landi
Beacon Community Programs had “mixed progress” on health information technology (IT) use and quality measures during the past four years, according to a new report from the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) presented to the Office of the National...

HIT Policy Committee Recommends HIE-Sensitive Measures, Incentives to Accelerate Interoperability Progress

December 17, 2015  |  Heather Landi
In order to overcome barriers to interoperability, there need to be meaningful measures and incentives specific to health information exchange (HIE) and health outcomes, according to a Health Information Technology Policy Committee report sent to Congress this...

At iHT2-Houston, Industry Leaders Agree on Interoperability’s Rough Ride

December 8, 2015  |  Mark Hagland
Of all the complex journeys in today’s healthcare, one of the most complex is that towards data and IT inoperability, healthcare IT leaders on an iHT2-Houston panel agreed, during a panel discussion on Tuesday

Live from the iHT2 Atlanta Health IT Summit: The Many Layers of the Industry's Push Towards Interoperability

December 2, 2015  |  Rajiv Leventhal
Health IT leaders discussed and debated the different trends and challenges around interoperability, and what the future holds at the IHT2 Health IT Summit in Atlanta on Dec. 2.

At iHT2-Denver, Discussion of HIE Turns to Cultural and Business Issues

July 21, 2015  |  Mark Hagland
At the Health IT Summit in Denver, discussion of health information exchange inevitably turned to the cultural, strategic, and business issues around data exchange

A Change in Mindset: Thinking of HIE as a Utility

July 9, 2015  |  David Raths
Although health information exchanges struggle with getting providers to add cumbersome query capabilities into their workflow, many are finding success by providing a suite of other services that become invaluable to hospitals, physician practices and...

HIEs Becoming More Central to Analytics Efforts

June 25, 2015  |  David Raths
With accountable care organizations eager to gather data about their patients from across regions, health information exchanges find themselves becoming more popular and offering up analytics services as well.

Connecting Social Services Data and Teams in Southern Oregon

June 15, 2015  |  David Raths
Some families in Southern Oregon are involved with 13 different social service organizations and clinical providers that don't talk to each other or share data. The Community Connected (C2) Network is being set up bring those agencies together.


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