Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

At iHT2-Boston, HealthInfoNet’s Dev Culver Offers a Success Story Around Predictive Analytics for Population Health

May 21, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
Innovation is proceeding apace in Maine, where HealthInfoNet, Maine’s statewide HIE, is now leveraging predictive analytics to support care management for its stakeholder provider organizations

Live from iHT2-Boston: Care Management In the Trenches: One MD Leader Shares a Success Story

May 19, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
In his keynote address at the Health IT Summit in Boston, David Ramirez, M.D. of the CareMore healthcare delivery system shared with his audience some of the secrets so far of his organization’s care management work

Survey: Underserved Populations Struggle with Patient Engagement, mHealth Adoption

May 18, 2015   |  Rajiv Leventhal
Urban and rural community health centers and clinics report that patient engagement has been challenging, particularly in areas related to the adoption of healthy behaviors and compliance with standard care recommendation and treatment protocols, according to a...

What Will CIOs Most Need for the Journey Ahead? Halamka and Branzell Urge CIOs To Be “Revolutionaries”

May 18, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
In opening addresses to the CHIME LEAD Forum Boston, John Halamka, M.D. and Russ Branzell urge their CIO colleagues to get the big picture and move forcefully and consistently towards it

Judy Murphy, R.N. Talks About Population Health and Analytics

May 12, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
Earlier this spring, Judy Murphy, R.N., spoke with HCI about the state of population health and data analytics, at a time of intense change in the healthcare industry

Looking at the Lessons of McAllen in a New ACO Context: What's Changed

May 9, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
The Commonwealth Fund blog this past week by Dominique Hall and Mark A. Zezza, Ph.D. speaks to the revolutionary changes—many of them data-fueled—that are changing healthcare delivery and payment these days

What’s “Big”? When It Comes to Judging Pioneer ACO Savings, It Depends on Who’s Measuring

May 5, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
We’re collectively very early on in a very, very long, complex journey to fully accountable care in U.S. healthcare, and the initial Pioneer ACO Program savings need to be understood in that context

HHS Announces $284 Million Saved in Pioneer ACO Program After Two Years

May 4, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
After two years in existence, the Pioneer Accountable Care Organization (ACO) program has saved the Medicare program $384 million in total, or $300 per Medicare beneficiary per year

When Will Radiologists See the “Light” on the Need to Justify Diagnostic Imaging Utilization?

May 4, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
One radiologist makes what might seem like a radical suggestion: with accelerating risk contracting, radiologists are going to need to document the differential outcomes benefits of specific diagnostic imaging procedures

Chronic Care World: What a New California Report Tells Us About the Future of U.S. Healthcare

May 1, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
A new report from the California Healthcare Foundation adds to the evidence of providers’ need to push hard to implement population health and care management programs

Is Synchrony on the Horizon for Physician Quality Reporting Efforts?

April 28, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
The release of a strategic vision for physician quality reporting from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services coincides with a new report on ACO development--and together, the two developments may signal an emerging new era in terms of the potential...

In Tacoma, Harnessing Data for Clinical Performance Improvement

April 24, 2015   |  Mark Hagland
Leaders at the Tacoma, Washington-based MultiCare Health System are harnessing data for clinical performance improvement, across numerous areas of activity
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