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Orthopedic Clinic Pays $750K HIPAA Settlement For Disclosing PHI Without a Business Associate Agreement

April 22, 2016  |  Heather Landi
Raleigh Orthopaedic Clinic of North Carolina agreed this week to pay $750,000 to settle charges that it allegedly violated privacy rules by providing patients’ protected health information (PHI) to a business partner without first executing a business associate...

New York Presbyterian Hospital to Pay $2.2 Million for Disclosure of Patients’ PHI

April 22, 2016  |  Heather Landi
The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office for Civil Rights (OCR) this week announced it had reached a $2.2 million settlement with New York Presbyterian Hospital (NYP) related to the unauthorized filming of two patients for an episode of “NY Med.”

Report: Healthcare Organizations Must Use Layered Endpoint Security to Combat Ransomware “Blitzkrieg”

April 20, 2016  |  Heather Landi
Securing vulnerable endpoints in an organization’s network is the first step in the battle against ransomware and is one part of a layered defense, according to a new report from the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology.

Survey: 96% of Health IT Leaders Feel Vulnerable to Data Threats, Yet Focus Remains on Compliance

April 14, 2016  |  Heather Landi
Many healthcare organizations seem to be taking a “business as usual” approach with regard to security spending, as a survey of senior healthcare IT professionals found meeting compliance requirements was a higher spending priority than preventing data breaches.

Healthcare Accounted for 39% of Data Breaches in 2015; High Value of Data Attractive to Cyber Criminals and Identity Thieves, Reports Say

April 13, 2016  |  Heather Landi
The largest number of data breaches in 2015 took place within health services, comprising 39 percent of all breaches last year, according to an Internet Security Threat Report from Symantec, which also reports that ransomware increased 35 percent in 2015.

FTC Launches New Web-Based Tool for mHealth App Developers

April 11, 2016  |  Heather Landi
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released a new web-based, multi-agency interactive tool for developers of health-related mobile apps to serve as guidance about applicable federal laws and regulations.

Healthcare Leads Data Breaches in 2015, Human Error Still Leading Cause, Report Says

April 1, 2016  |  Heather Landi
Given the recent high-profile ransomware and malware attacks on healthcare organizations, such as Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center and MedStar Health, it is perhaps not surprising that a recent report found that the healthcare industry saw the highest number...

Washington Debrief: Oversight Committee Evaluates Opportunities to Advance Health IT

March 28, 2016  |  Leslie Kriegstein, Vice President of Congressional Affairs, CHIME
Congressional interest in health IT continues to grow as evidenced by last week’s hearing by the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee.

Top Ten Tech Trends: Bringing Cyber Defense to the Next Level

March 22, 2016  |  Rajiv Leventhal
Major data breaches and losses of revenue are still far too common in healthcare, and many experts point to a lack of a multi-layered strategy that evolves well beyond simply “following the rules” as the reason why.

Henry Ford’s Meredith Phillips Named ‘PHI Hero’

March 22, 2016  |  David Raths
Meredith Phillips, chief information privacy & security officer at Henry Ford Health System in Michigan, was presented the PHI Hero Award at the 2016 PHI Protection Network Conference in Philadelphia last week.

AHIMA Petition Calls for Development of Voluntary Patient Safety Identifier

March 21, 2016  |  Rajiv Leventhal
A petition from the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) that calls for the development of a voluntary patient safety identifier has officially launched and is now open for signatures.

OCR's Samuels Describes Launch of Phase 2 of HIPAA Audit Program

March 19, 2016  |  David Raths
Speaking at the HIPAA Summit meeting in Washington, D.C., on March 21, Jocelyn Samuels, director of the HHS Office for Civil Rights, announced that phase 2 of the audit program has been launched.


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