Live from the iHT2 Miami Health IT Summit: The Imperfect Way to Securing ePHI

February 11, 2015     Rajiv Leventhal
At the iHT2 Miami Health IT Summit, expert panelists discussed the best ways to protect patient data, agreeing that the vulnerability of the healthcare industry and the value of medical data makes the sector ripe for attack.

Live from the iHT2 Miami Health IT Summit: How Cleveland Clinic is Changing the Healthcare Delivery Model

February 10, 2015     Rajiv Leventhal
At the Cleveland Clinic, technology-based tools have helped transform the healthcare delivery model from provider-driven to consumer-driven, according to C. Martin Harris, M.D., Cleveland Clinic’s CIO, and the chairman of the organization’s IT division.

OCR Audits: Forewarned is Forearmed

February 9, 2015     Mark Fulford
Although the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) HIPAA Compliance Audits have been delayed, we do know they’re coming. If your organization is selected, what should you know? This article outlines some steps to keep yourself in compliance.

Healthcare Data Security: Battles are Being Lost, But the War Can Still be Won

January 21, 2015     Rajiv Leventhal
Right now, the healthcare industry is clearly losing the battle when it comes to data breaches. But as the old saying goes, you can lose battles and still win the war.

Top Ten Tech Trends: For Healthcare Organizations, the Hackers are Here

January 20, 2015     Gabriel Perna
Easter weekend is one of the craziest three-day stretches in the calendar year in Boston, which made the hack against Boston Children’s Hospital all the more difficult. Luckily, for Boston Children’s, a 395–bed facility, IT leaders had time to prepare for the...

HCI’s Top 10 Tech Trends 2015: Parsing the Swirl

January 20, 2015     The Editors of HCI
We offer you, our readers, our Top Tech Trends for 2015. Each of the ten trends has its own significance—and urgency; together, they help paint a portrait of the landscape in U.S. healthcare at a time of fundamental change and intensifying activity.

Respect the Threat: Obama Gives Data Security Some Needed Momentum

January 15, 2015     Gabriel Perna
The recent focus on data security from President Obama and the Attorney General of the State of New York is encouraging for healthcare, even if the industry isn't the specific focus of these legislative efforts.

Survey: Many Providers Charge Patients for Medical Record Access

January 12, 2015     Rajiv Leventhal
More than half of providers charge their patients for electronic copies of their medical records, and nearly two-thirds said they charge patients for paper copies of their medical records, according to new research published by the American Health Information...

JPMorgan Chase’s Weak Link—and What It Means for Healthcare

December 27, 2014     John DeGaspari
Cybersecurity threats have certainly been front-and-center in the news lately. The latest in a Hit Parade of large corporations to acknowledge a breach, Sony Pictures, has reached the international stage with the reported involvement of North Korea. As noted by...

Another Boston Hospital Pays Fine for Data Breach

December 23, 2014     Gabriel Perna
The second major Boston hospital in as many months has reached a settlement agreement with the Massachusetts Attorney General's office over a data breach.
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