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As anyone who’s been paying attention lately knows, the U.S. healthcare system has been undergoing massive, even revolutionary, change. The passage of the HITECH Act as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA-HITECH), along with the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010, has signaled a new era for healthcare in this country, as the public and private purchasers of healthcare have demanded a healthcare system that provides higher-quality patient care more, efficiently, at cost-effective prices, and with greater accountability, transparency, and patient and community engagement.

CIOs, CMIOs, and other senior leaders in hospitals, medical groups, and health systems are finding themselves right in the middle of the transformation of our healthcare system, as they work with their colleagues to implement and optimize the clinical and other information systems that will absolutely be critical to the success of the new healthcare—a reformed healthcare system that encompasses accountable care organizations, bundled-payment contracts, patient-centered medical homes, health information exchange, avoidable readmissions reduction, value-based purchasing, and population health.

Those healthcare IT decision-makers in patient care organizations, including not only CIOs and CMIOs and the clinical and non-clinical informaticists who work with them in hospitals, medical groups, and health systems, but also the CEOs, COOs, CMOs, CNOs, CFOs, and other senior executive leaders, as well as board members, need a combination of information, news, and analysis, focused both on the broad policy and industry developments taking place in healthcare, and the strategic issues they face as they operationalize change in their organizations. And they need that information and analysis from a publication that is incisive and authoritative in its approach. And that’s where we come in.

Healthcare Informatics has consistently earned industry-wide praise for its coverage of the most important trends and issues facing healthcare leaders around information technology. And it has won a wide range of awards, including a Gold Award in 2013 from the American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors (ASHPE) for its online coverage of the release of the final rule for Stage 2 of meaningful use under the HITECH Act. HCI is uniquely positioned as an authority in its field, and the magazine’s readers understand that.

As we continue to publish articles, blogs and news stories of importance for our readers around all topics affecting CIOs, CMIOs, and other healthcare IT leaders, our team of editors will continue to deliver the level of quality that our readers expect—the highest level of editorial quality in the industry.

As always, we are interested in learning about case studies, industry research, industry expert perspectives, and the experiences of our readers, for our editorial coverage. We continue to be most interested in the voices of healthcare IT executives, clinician informaticists, and clinician leaders from patient care organizations, as well as those of leading consultants and industry and policy experts, in our publication, both online and in print.

Going forward, we remain fiercely committed to providing only the very highest-quality editorial content for our readers. It is a privilege and a pleasure to serve our audience during this very exciting, challenging time in our industry, as we all work together to create and optimize the new healthcare—the healthcare that our communities nationwide deserve.

Mark Hagland
Editor-in-Chief, Healthcare Informatics


Healthcare Informatics

Healthcare Informatics serves as the leading source of information, for forward-thinking professionals involved in the planning, development, and implementation of important technological trends that define tomorrow’s healthcare. Pioneering concepts are presented and exchanged, as important strategic and information technology issues face organizations such as hospitals, medical groups, and integrated health systems are addressed.  Members of the Healthcare Informatics community share a focus on healthcare IT leadership, vision, and strategy—driving change forward by shaping innovations that point the way to the future of healthcare.

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Vendome’s forward-thinking media solutions in the area of Healthcare Informatics, provide expert insight and in-depth coverage of the latest policy, operational, and technological developments facing the healthcare IT industry today.  Engaging and shaping the industry through authoritative and timely content delivered through multiple channels, our media products include: print and online publications; an industry-leading conference, the Executive Summit; cost-effective webinars; as well as various custom media options involving both educational and networking opportunities. In addition, Healthcare Informatics regularly recognizes the highest levels of achievement in the industry, honoring excellence through its annual awards and research.

Healthcare Informatics is committed to offering our audience with high-quality coverage of the most important developments taking place today—translating those developments into content that provides actionable information.  Our vision is inclusive, encompassing both the inpatient hospital sector and hospital outpatient care, and the care delivered in independent medical groups and across integrated health systems.  Moreover, we are determined to retain our position as the leading magazine in our sphere—addressing the multitude of challenges and opportunities that unfold as healthcare continues to evolve.