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Self Check-In Kiosks: Quicker Admissions, Lower Costs, Better Patient Care

October 2, 2014
by Adam Armstrong

According to recent studies, the average check in time at a registrar within healthcare organizations takes approximately 4 ½ minutes, and can oftentimes create redundant processes during admissions. 

For today’s healthcare organizations, the phrase, “time is money”, has never been a greater truism, especially in regards to patient admissions.  For many providers, simplifying, expediting, and optimizing the patient check-in process has not only equated to tremendous cost savings, but has contributed to a better patient experience.

Join Marc Avallone, VP of Sales and Business Development at Connected Technology Solutions (CTS), as he recounts how CTS offerings are impacting healthcare. Through provider-specific customization and a patient- centered design, CTS kiosks have decreased check-in times by over 60%, provided patients a more secure and private check-in process, and have led a monumental shift in the way their customers are operating.

Listen in to find out how CTS can impact the patient experience, and the bottom line, at your organization.

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