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Best Practices: High-Level Infrastructure Achievements Drive EHR Success at Mercy Health System

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In light of recent mandates regarding required EHR integration in hospitals, it has become more and more clear that these systems are paramount to improving patient diagnoses and reducing overall costs.

In this case study, Mercy Technology Services (MTS) describes the process it followed to roll out Mercy’s EHR solution, with the goal of providing centralized IT operations for Mercy’s 32 hospitals, located across several U.S. states.

Early on, Mercy made a $60 million investment in a new datacenter, which included moving all of its clinical operations to a single, patient-centric EHR by Epic Systems and virtualizing its storage leveraging NetApp. Through this investment, Mercy was able to consolidate IT into an existing datacenter, and ease the transition to its new datacenter

Since the move, Mercy has:

  •  Reached its goal of 99.9% availability for its EHR application and infrastructure
  • Cut costs with storage and power savings
  • Provided live monitoring and analysis of medical data with inpatients, allowing for higher disease prevention

Download this white paper to learn how Mercy’s forward-thinking investments translated to a successfully implemented EHR and about the best practices for maintaining the viability of these platforms.

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