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Case Study: Health Care Cost Drivers Identified/Acted Upon by Pennsylvania Population Health Management Company

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Analytics Converted into Clinical Action for Improvement

Redundant diagnostics, avoidable ER visits, preventable inpatient admissions, and multiple gaps in patient care... these are just a few of the areas driving up health care costs without contributing to quality. But how can unnecessary cost drivers be identified? And, once pinpointed, what’s a workable action plan to reduce those costs and track clinical progress?

To answer these challenges, an eastern Pennsylvania health system decided to take a deep dive into their own employee population. They turned to Populytics, a population health management company that provides both the analytics to identify areas for cost improvements, and the clinical solutions to make them happen

Through analysis of several years of claims and benchmark data, Populytics identified 6 clinical initiatives in the health plan budget where a cumulative savings of $3.1 million could be realized within a 12-month span from July 2014 to June 2015.

The Six Areas Identified Included:

  1. Reduce inpatient admissions/readmissions 
  2. Reduce advanced imaging costs 
  3. Reduce minor emergency room visits
  4. Limit unnecessary therapy visits 
  5. Reduce pharmaceutical costs 
  6. Reduce costs of chronic renal failure cases 

Download this case study to learn how a Pennsylvania Population Health Management and Analytics Company identified their key initiatives and how they succeeded in getting on track to achieve their goals for each of the initiatives.

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