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Driving True Patient Engagement Beyond The Basic Patient Portal

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Some healthcare organizations have a patient portal in place simply to meet meaningful use requirements. Others, however, are taking a more strategic approach to patient engagement. In “Driving True Patient Engagement: Beyond the Basic Patient Portal”, P. Nelson Le, MD, senior clinical advisor at InterSystems, explains how the next generation of portal technology, untethered from individual EHRs, can be part of a robust patient engagement initiative that transforms patient behavior and improves patient/clinician collaboration.

Readers of “Driving True Patient Engagement: Beyond the Basic Patient Portal” will learn:

  • Why patient engagement should be more than just a checklist item for Meaningful Use
  • The differences between a basic patient portal and a patient engagement strategy
  • Why patient portals tied to individual EHRs may be part of the patient engagement problem, not the solution
  • How a next-generation patient portal can improve information sharing, workflow, and clinician performance


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