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E-book: Defending the BYOD Healthcare Landscape: Strategies for Safeguarding Patient Data

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When it comes to bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, enterprises face an inherent conflict between leveraging the potential benefits of flexibility, productivity, and individual choice offered by mobile devices, while maintaining centralized oversight and addressing security and privacy concerns.

Many issues still stand in the way of the advancement of BYOD implementation. However, there are forward-looking enterprises that are loosening restrictions while addressing data security and privacy. Additional areas of focus for BYOD implementation are:

  • Meeting the needs of HIPAA regulations when it comes to BYOD
  • Security policies to develop in order to avoid data leaks
  • Steps a healthcare provider CIO can take to ensure a successful and balanced BYOD program

Download this Healthcare Informatics e-book for a comprehensive understanding of the BYOD policy, the challenges faced, and the impact it could have on the industry.

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