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White papers

  • Overcoming the Challenges of Healthcare Digital Documentation: A White Paper for Practice Managers, Call Center Leaders, and IT Directors

    This white paper details the ability of HIPAA compliant online form solutions to help practice managers, call center leaders, IT directors, and others charged with managing sensitive patient data solve many common challenges related to:

    • Capturing, storing, and sharing secure patient data
    • Reducing administrative costs
    • Enhancing the patient experience

    As the challenges of digital documentation persist, providers need a reliable way to manage critically important, and highly sensitive, patient data.

  • CASE STUDY—Enabling Diabetic Retinal Exams at the Point of Care: A Strategy That Works for Patients and Providers

    The Customer:
    Summit Medical Group is the largest organization in the provision of primary care in the East Tennessee region with over 300 physicians in 55 office locations and 2 hospitals in 14 counties.

    The Challenge:
    Faced with low diabetic retinal exam (DRE) compliance rates and associated quality metrics Summit needed to improve compliance and associated quality metrics for the practice—ultimately helping them improve outcomes for their patients with diabetes.

  • Be Recognized as a Data Analysis Expert

    Whether you're just starting the journey or well on your way to a successful health data analyst career, AHIMA’s CHDA certification is your guide to career enhancement, increased salary, and greater success in your chosen field. AHIMA’s CHDA, like its other credentials, is earned through a challenging program of examinations, education, and experience, and maintained through continuous review and education.

  • Case Study—NURSE CALL MASTER STATION: How Response Care Extended Service Quality with a Robust All-in-One Medical Grade PC Solution

    With the system's durability ratings, and the company’s lineage in rugged and robust computing applications, the Advantech HIT-W121B becomes a smart choice as a reliable healthcare system.

    Response Care, a North American provider of nurse call solutions for nursing homes and senior care facilities, launched a diverse range of communication systems designed to facilitate the provision of quality care.

  • Cybersecurity, Cybercrime and Data Breaches: Healthcare Under Attack

    As a healthcare IT professional, you face the dual burdens of safeguarding the most sought-after type of data for hackers — while also keeping your company compliant with aggressively enforced data-privacy laws.

    This paper discusses how these unique burdens —cybersecurity and regulatory compliance — affect your industry generally and your organization in particular. It also offers a simple, cost-effective solution that help you address both of these challenges in one area of your IT’s infrastructure that probably receives little attention but nonetheless remains a target: FAXING.

  • The Value of Cloud Fax for Hospitals and Health Systems

    For better or worse, faxing in the healthcare environment persists today.

    Because so many entities that your company deals with regularly still use fax, your organization has to keep using this 1980s communication protocol as well. But, keeping your organization operating on an old, analog fax infrastructure is likely creating real business problems for you — including:


    “When you add the numbers up, you’re probably looking at $5 to $10 million dollars, easy, on a relatively small breach.”

    We all have the potential to be hacked—and for bad actors to leverage their own employees against them to gain entry to the network. They are looking for soft targets, the places where they can most easily sneak in and gain access to valuable patient health data.

    In order to protect yourself from cyber attacks your organization needs a strong first line of defense. One that: