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White papers

  • Patient-Centered Healthcare via Patient-Generated Health Data—Clarifying the Patient Picture as the Volume of Consumer Driven Information Increases

    A review of the current state of the healthcare industry can be summarized as a complicated scenario.

    The strategic imperative to realize the true potential of PGHD will be to adopt a standard interface that can turn actionable information into a tangible treatment plan by more efficiently incorporating PGHD into EHRs, creating meaningful dashboards that are standard across all healthcare systems, and triaging PGHD as if it were actual patients awaiting care in an emergency room.

  • Major Health Insurance Provider—Keylight® Case Study

    Major health insurer helps shield itself from vendor risk with Keylight

    Today’s health insurer must comply with The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and a bevy of other regulations and requirements. HIPAA requirements include tasks like assessing vendors on a regular basis to ensure HIPAA compliance. Vendors found not in compliance can lead to stiff fines, as many well-known healthcare organizations can attest.

  • Modernizing Healthcare Technology for Today’s Needs and Tomorrow’s Possibilities

    HIMSS Analytics research sheds light on the state of the journey toward cognitive healthcare

    The move to a more modernized healthcare technology can enable organizations to move beyond surviving in a world of value-based care, where organizations are being called upon to cost-effectively treat patients. The move is also preparing for a future where organizations will rely upon data to create the cognitive healthcare system that will truly move biomedical research and clinical care to a whole new sphere.

  • Workforce Dimensions: Analytics and Information Access

    Turn Information into Insight…in Seconds!

    Workforce Dimensions™ reimagines data interactions with embedded analytics and information access made possible by the intelligent Kronos D5™ platform.

    The heart of your business is its operational data. And for years, organizations have struggled to gain timely access to the workforce management information they need to produce valuable business insights for managers and executives.

  • How To Stop Making Patients Pay The Price For Poor Communications

    Thirty percent of malpractice lawsuits cite communication as a contributing factor.1 Communication is also cited as a root cause in 21 percent of sentinel events.2

    Learn how you can improve your hospital’s communications in these three key areas and stop making patient pay the price for communication failures and breakdowns:

  • Health Care Executive Toolkit

    Providers face the daily struggle of care quality while still controlling costs. New care delivery models rely on the benefits of population health management like improved quality, strong care delivery networks, good health plan relationships and better patient engagement. Health care executives often instead face data silos, patient care delivered outside the primary care system, and outcomes affected by social determinants that seem beyond a physician’s control.

  • How to Gain Productivity in Healthcare

    As we continue our move towards a value-based delivery system, it’s become increasingly important for hospitals and healthcare systems to deliver quality patient experiences. In trying to achieve this, there is an increasing pressure to:


    How can your organization best leverage its information technology (IT) investments to better manage healthcare?

    At a minimum, today’s healthcare IT shops need to provide the systems to help clinicians provide the highest quality patient care, a high-functioning technology infrastructure that will seamlessly run those systems, and further tools to secure protected health information (PHI) and mitigate the risk of data breaches across both.