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White papers

  • 2017 Data Threat Report Healthcare

    The Healthcare industry is going through a major digital transformation and securing data will be critical throughout this process.   As health institutions and businesses digitize data, securing that data will be critical to meet compliance standards and to protect patients' personal information.

  • 4 Critical Elements of a Successful GRC Implementation: What Every Organization Should Know

    As demands around risk and compliance explode, a happenstance approach to GRC no longer works.

    Everyone is stretched beyond their bounds. Data resides in siloes. It’s impossible to get a holistic view of risk and compliance. When organizations hit this wall, they typically attempt to implement an enterprise-wide GRC solution.

    This white paper tackles the issues that emerge at this pivotal turning point. It’s important to note that investing in a GRC solution is a commitment. The entire organization must be on board for the journey.

  • Data-Driven Transformation in Healthcare

    As healthcare moves into the age of digital transformation, organizations need a strategy to inject data-driven decisions into routine business and clinical processes to improve outcomes, inform collaboration, and spur innovation.

    Data-driven healthcare is no longer limited by geography or time –delivery of care spans hospital, office, retail and home settings. It is empowered through mobile, tele-health and digital healthcare devices. Consumers expect health interactions to be timely, frequent and convenient and are distressed when healthcare lags behind other industries.

  • Mobile ROI in Hospitals: 12 Quick Apps to Solve Real Problems

    This whitepaper answers the pressing question of Mobile ROI in Hospitals: How can mobile apps be put to work effectively to help healthcare providers solve real, costly problems? This download distills the easiest and best mobile use cases that can make a measurable impact on:

  • Leveraging Mobile Apps to Reduce Emergency Room Overcrowding

    As the nation’s Emergency Departments are bursting at the seams, hospital leaders are asking: How can mobile apps help reduce ER overcrowding and boost patient satisfaction?

    This whitepaper presents the latest research on the most efficient mobile approaches to fixing the ER problem:

  • Securing Digital Healthcare: 10 Common Security Challenges in Digital Healthcare

    A More Connected World...

    It brings many advantages — and introduces new threats, like ransomware. Healthcare organizations are especially vulnerable given the proliferation of data–collecting devices, wearables, and apps. Cisco is here to help, with recommendations on how to mitigate 10 common security challenges, including:

  • Ransomware: What Every Healthcare Organization Needs to Know

    In the healthcare industry, information security is critical. It’s also a tremendous challenge, now more than ever before. Changes in government regulations, a massive revolution in medical device and mobile technology, and a transformation in the way care is delivered and consumed have come together to form a perfect storm of complexity and vulnerability.