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CIOs in the Know

October 1, 2006
by root
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Federal healthcare agencies and contractors are told to share data, keep no secrets and play nice with others.

What does it take to become a successful CIO in the world of healthcare? To answer that question, Healthcare Informatics Senior Associate Editor Stacey Kramer spoke to some of the top information officers in the industry. The key to leadership turns out not to be technical know-how but rather effective communication skills, often executed with great creativity. Read what it takes to make it to the head of the class in “The Secrets of Successful CIOs,” page 24.

Although the time and distance between verbal orders issued at the bedside and documentation remain a source of errors, increasing types of mobile data capture devices are now filling the gap. These products enable clinicians to enter orders and document treatment at the point-of-care using technologies such as computer-based provider order entry (CPOE) or electronic medical records (EMRs). Learn more by reading the third installation in our point-of-care series, “Bedside Manners,” page 32.

Congress is working on the so-called “Healthcare IT” bill, which looks like it will include a requirement that the industry migrate from ICD 9 to ICD 10 codes, much to the consternation of industry veterans charged with making it happen. As calls from managed-care organizations to slow things down have failed, will the industry be able to make the conversion date of Oct. 1, 2010? Read “ICD-10 On the Way,” page 22.

Though true best practices for regional health information organizations (RHIOs) may not exist, there are some guiding principles which can be used to chart a course. The bottom line is that each RHIO has to find its own path down the road to success, often based on the level of local support it enjoys from stakeholders and government. Read all about it in “The State of State RHIOs,” page 16.

Correction: In last month's feature on IT Innovators, a map on page 41 highlighted Wyoming instead of Colorado.

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