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Presidio and VMware Team Up to Tackle Healthcare

May 17, 2018
by Presidio
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Amid the many challenges of compliance, security, big data, and doing more with less, healthcare organizations face many questions. How do they know they’re picking the solution that will grow with them — not quickly turn obsolete, box them in, or remain unused? How can they keep critical operations secure and efficient? And how can they implement and adopt the solution as swiftly as possible, often across multiple departments and work sites?

For deploying a patient portal, enabling data recovery, and beyond, VMware enables single-source delivery of critical technologies like VMware Workspace ONE. Use it to immediately deploy, configure, and manage thousands of applications.

Presidio, a longtime, award-winning VMware partner, is uniquely positioned to connect healthcare organizations to VMware solutions  —  and value. We’re first to offer strategic, world-class solutions, like VMware Cloud through AWS, and bring a nationwide footprint of expertise and services, including financing, to client challenges.

Why do healthcare leaders turn to VMware solutions through Presidio? In one word: Results.

For one multi-site health system, our partnership’s infrastructure virtualization and consolidation generated nearly $17 million in savings over five years. Virtual desktop infrastructure is expected to yield $20 million more. This is a total CAPEX reduction of nearly 10% and OPEX reduction of nearly 50%!

Through modernized data and call centers, rapidly deployed digital desktops, scaled storage, and more, VMware’s innovations and Presidio’s implementations help healthcare organizations stay ahead in a  transforming marketplace.

Confidence: Enlist the technology and expertise chosen by healthcare clients (including Fortune 500 organizations) nationwide.
Ease: Leave the innovation, integration, training, and future-proofing to us.
Efficiency: Leverage time-saving solutions, swiftly implemented through proven processes.
Cost Savings: Deliver stronger care with less infrastructure, time, and resources.

Perspective: Presidio and VMware understand the business and culture of healthcare.
Experience: We bring years of collaborative success to every engagement.
Scope: Get comprehensive options and full-lifecycle support through a single source.
Skill: Healthcare leaders trust us with even the most complex challenges.

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