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Healthcare Informatics 100 Companies by Revenue

May 26, 2011
by root
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Vendors in Healthcare IT: Our Annual Ranking

As in past years, we at Healthcare Informatics are proud to share with you our unique offering: the Healthcare Informatics 100. This listing of healthcare IT vendors is the only ranking of its kind in healthcare IT, and provides you, our readers, with detailed information on the most recent vendor revenues, as well as other data on the companies listed.

In addition, we welcome you to enjoy several companion articles. Three of these articles are profiles of this year's “Most Interesting Vendors”: vendor companies that we at Healthcare Informatics, and our readers, agreed, were organizations they wanted to learn more about. This year, our most interesting vendors include Allscripts/Eclipsys, OptumInsight (formerly Ingenix), and Zynx Health. Each has a very interesting story to tell, and all have senior executives willing to share their market strategies with our readers.

In addition is this year's anthology of “Up and Comers”-a report on smaller companies that are making waves because of unusual business models, intriguing technologies, exceptional leadership, noteworthy growth trajectories, or some combination of those elements.

This cover story package also includes Mark Hagland's analysis of revenue trends, on page 42, and Ben Rooks's annual look at mergers and acquisitions (page 46).

Meanwhile, opposite, please find an explanation of our methodology for creating the Healthcare Informatics 100. Once again this year, we've used an expert team of researchers and analysts to help us sort through data and information, both from vendors that self-reported revenues to us, as well as a small number of companies that did not submit, but whose profile in the industry we cannot ignore. We sincerely thank our researchers and analysts as their diligence enables us to provide you with a list of the highest integrity and usefulness.

Our Methodology and Experts

As previously, two firms were instrumental in compiling, editing, and reviewing the 2010 revenue figures for this year's Healthcare Informatics 100 issue, Porter Research and ST Advisors, LLC.

  • The sales figures were compiled and reviewed by Porter Research, who consulted with both its staff and other business partners to ensure inclusion of the deserving companies, as well as fairness in their reporting.

  • For those firms that did not disclose their sector-specific revenues, Porter, working with ST Advisors, sought to estimate data based on patterns of previous years' revenue arcs derived from industry press releases and unrelated healthcare industry consultants. We believe these estimates present a fair approximation of those firms' influence and rankings in today's corporate healthcare information technology environment.

Porter Research (, a sister company to Billian's HealthDATA, and based in Atlanta, provides market research services to generate quantitative and qualitative knowledge of market opportunities, customer loyalty and experience, win-loss sales analysis, brand awareness, and more. Cynthia Porter, president of Porter Research, is an experienced healthcare technology executive with more than 25 years of experience in all disciplines of the healthcare market-payers, providers, and vendors.

ST Advisors, LLC ( offers both long-term and project-based relationships to HCIT companies and financial sponsors. Founder Ben Rooks worked as both a healthcare IT equity research analyst and investment banker for close to two decades. He is also a member of Healthcare Informatics' editorial board.

Thank you to Cynthia, Ben, and their colleagues for their time and input in assembling this year's compendium.

McKesson Technology Solutions | Alpharetta, GA |

HIT Revenue: $3,124,000,000 (10) $3,064,000,000 (09) $2,984,000,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 18% Software; 4% Hardware; 78% Services

Employees: 15,131 Type Company: Public Founded: 1974

The information technology and connectivity business of McKesson Corporation provides IT solutions that help organizations to improve patient safety, reduce the cost and variability of care, and manage revenue stream and resources.

Company Executives: Patrick Blake, EVP and Group President, McKesson Corp.

Dell Inc.* | Round Rock, TX | 800-289-3355 |

*Revenue estimate.

HIT Revenue: $2,625,000,000 (10) $2,500,000,000 (09)

Major Revenue: 6% Software; 54% Hardware; 40% Services

MandA 2010: KACE, 2/10; Exanet, 2/10; Scalent, 7/10; Ocarina Networks, 7/10; Boomi, 12/10; InSite One, 12/10

Employees: 11,000+ globally Type Company: Public Founded: 1984

Provides technology and business process solutions and services to the healthcare and life sciences industries, from IT outsourcing and revenue cycle services to integrated technology solutions, and from the point-of-care to the data center.

Company Executives: James Coffin, PhD, VP and GM, Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences; Berk Smith, VP, Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences Services

CareFusion | San Diego, CA | 888-876-4287 |

HIT Revenue: $2,600,000,000 (10) $2,400,000,000 (09)

MandA 2010: Medegen, 5/10 for $225 million; Divested Research Services, 6/10

Employees: 6,000 Type Company: Public Founded: 2009

Helps hospitals improve the quality and cost of healthcare through its products and services, focusing on medication errors and healthcare-associated infections.

Company Executives: Kieran Gallahue, Chairman and CEO; Jim Hinrichs, CFO

Philips Healthcare | Andover, MA | 978-659-3000 |

HIT Revenue: $2,400,000,000 (10) $787,000,000 (09) $732,000,000 (08)

MandA 2010: Tesco Informatica, 3/10; CDP Medical Ltd., 8/10; Wheb Sistemas, 9/10

Type Company: Public Founded: 1891

Provides clinical informatics and patient care solutions designed to complement EHRs with patient data to support advanced clinical decision making, simplify clinician workflow, and improve financial outcomes.

Company Executives: Steve Rusckowski, CEO, Philips Healthcare; Deborah DiSanzo, CEO, Patient Care and Clinical Informatics

Cerner Corporation | Kansas City, MO | 816-201-0727 |

HIT Revenue: $1,850,222,000 (10) $1,671,864,000 (09) $1,676,028,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 21% Software; 9% Hardware; 70% Services MandA 2010: IMC Health Care, 1/10

Employees: 8,600 Type Company: Public Founded: 1979

Optimizes processes for healthcare organizations, ranging from single-doctor practices to entire countries, for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, and for the field of healthcare as a whole.

Company Executives: Neal Patterson, CEO and Chairman of the Board; Clifford W. Illig, Vice Chairman

Siemens Healthcare* | Malvern, PA | 888-826-9702 |

HIT Revenue: $1,600,000,000 (10) $1,400,000,000 (09)

Offers products and solutions, including medical imaging, laboratory diagnostics, medical IT, and hearing aids, for the entire range of patient care, from prevention and early detection to diagnosis, treatment, and aftercare.

Company Executives: John Glaser, PhD, CEO, Siemens Health Services

Keane, an NTT DATA Company | Boston, MA | 800-699-6773, ext. 5329 |

HIT Revenue: $1,400,000,000 (10) $178,000,000 (09) $187,299,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 25% Software; 2% Hardware; 73% Services

Employees: 6,650 Type Company: Private Founded: 1965

Offers healthcare IT solutions for medical centers, hospitals, post-acute care, and long-term care facilities, and helps organizations increase efficiency, reduce errors, meet regulatory requirements, and improve revenue cycle management. Acquired by NTT DATA Corporation.

Company Executives: Walt Kaczor, SVP; Ed Scott, VP, Sales and Marketing

CSC | Falls Church, VA | 703-876-1000 |

HIT Revenue: $1,334,000,000 (10) $1,566,000,000 (09) $1,640,000,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 5% Software; 95% Services

Employees: 6,000 Type Company: Public Founded: 1959

Provides strategic planning, operations improvement, systems integration, and outsourcing services to all segments of the healthcare industry.

Company Executives: Michael Laphen, President and CEO; Mark Roman, President, Healthcare Group

Pulse Systems, Inc., division of Cegedim | Wichita, KS | 800-444-0882 |

HIT Revenue: $1,200,000,000 (10) $910,000,000 (09) $860,000,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 80% Software; 7% Hardware; 13% Services

Employees: 110 Type Company: Public Founded: 1986

Supports ambulatory physician offices through software that seamlessly integrates clinical, financial, and administrative processes into one comprehensive solution.

Company Executives: Basil Hourani, CEO; Alias Hourani, VP-Operations

Cognizant | Teaneck, NJ | 201-801-0223 |

HIT Revenue: $1,177,085,193 (10) $860,427,276 (09) $688,223,756 (08)

Major Revenue: 100% Services

Employees: 21,000+ Type Company: Public Founded: 1994

Provides IT, business process outsourcing, and consulting services to payers, providers, pharmacy benefit managers, and intermediaries.

Company Executives: Francisco D'Souza, President and CEO; Gordon Coburn, CFO and COO

Emdeon | Nashville, TN | 615-932-3000 |

HIT Revenue: $1,002,152,000 (10) $918,448,000 (09) $853,599,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 97% Software; 3% Services

MandA 2010: Future Vision Technology (FV Tech), 1/10 for $20 million; HTMS, 3/10 for $11 million; Chapin RCM, 6/10 for $18.9 million; Chamberlin Edmonds and Associates, 9/10 for $260 million

Employees: 3,000 Type Company: Public Founded: 1988

Provides healthcare revenue and payment cycle management and clinical information exchange that connect payers, providers, and patients to integrate and automate business, administrative, and clinical functions.

Company Executives: George Lazenby, CEO; Bob Newport, CFO

Epic Systems Corporation | Verona, WI | 608-271-9000 |

HIT Revenue: $825,000,000 (10) $650,000,000 (09) $602,000,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 100% Software

Employees: 4,150 Type Company: Private Founded: 1979

Offers a central database that links clinics, hospitals, and remote Web-based settings with clinical, scheduling, and billing information.

Company Executives: Judith Faulkner, Founder and CEO

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. | Chicago, IL | 800-654-0889 |

HIT Revenue: $704,502,000 (10) $561,000,000 (09) $383,771,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 18% Software; 82% Services MandA 2010: Eclipsys Corporation, 8/10 for $1.3 billion

Employees: 5,500 Type Company: Public Founded: 1986

Provides clinical, financial, connectivity, and information solutions for hospitals, physicians, and post-acute organizations.

Company Executives: Glen Tullman, CEO; Lee Shapiro, President

EMC Corp.* | Hopkinton, MA | 508-435-1000 |

HIT Revenue: $700,000,000 (10) $500,000,000 (09)

MandA 2010: Greenplum, Inc., 6/10; Isilon Systems, 12/10

Develops and provides information infrastructure technology and solutions.

Company Executives: Joseph Tucci, Chairman, President, and CEO; William J. Teuber, Jr., Vice Chairman

Wolters Kluwer Health | Philadelphia, PA | 215-646-8700 |

HIT Revenue: $687,000,000 (10) $618,000,000 (09) $524,000,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 75% Software; 25% Services MandA 2010: Pharmacy OneSource, 12/10

Employees: 1,700 Type Company: Public Founded: 1978

Provides information and point-of-care solutions serving professionals, institutions, and students in medicine, nursing, allied health, and pharmacy.

Company Executives: Bob Becker, President and CEO, WK Health and Pharma Solutions; Arvind Subramanian, President and CEO, WK Health, Clinical Solutions

The Trizetto Group | Greenwood Village, CO | 800-569-1222 |

HIT Revenue: $518,000,000 (10) $490,000,000 (09) $481,600,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 45% Software; 55% Services

Employees: 2,360 Type Company: Private Founded: 1997

Provides healthcare IT software and service solutions for administrative efficiency, cost and quality-of-care improvement, and increased payer and provider collaboration, and connectivity.

Company Executives: Trace Devanny, CEO; Tony Bellomo, President

OptumInsight (formerly Ingenix) | Eden Prairie, MN | 800-765-6713 |

HIT Revenue: $460,000,000 (10) $430,000,000 (09) $335,000,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 75% Software; 25% Services

MandA 2010: Quality Metric, Incorporated, 3/10; Axolotl Corp., 8/10; Picis, Inc., 8/10; Executive Healthcare Resources, 8/10; A-Life Medical, Inc., 10/10

Employees: 14,000 Type Company: Private Founded: 1996

Brings technology solutions, intelligence, and decision-support tools together to help hospitals, health systems, and physician practices connect and align with federal regulations, and make better informed decisions.

Company Executives: Andy Slavitt, CEO; Bill Miller, President, Provider Solutions

Medical Information Technology, Inc. (MEDITECH) | Westwood, MA | 781-821-3000 |

HIT Revenue: $459,098,000 (10) $393,025,014 (09) $397,929,595 (08)

Employees: 3,300+ Type Company: Private

Provides integrated software solutions that meet the information needs of healthcare organizations, including hospitals, ambulatory care centers, physicians' offices, long-term care and behavioral health facilities, and home health organizations.

Company Executives: A. Neil Pappalardo, Chairman; Lawrence Polimeno, Vice Chairman

Nuance Communications, Inc. | Burlington, MA | 781-565-5000 |

HIT Revenue: $449,300,000 (10) $392,000,000 (09) $356,300,000 (08)

MandA 2010: Language and Computing Inc., 2/10; Encompass Medical Transcription, Inc., 8/10; OSi, LLC, 9/10

Employees: 839 Type Company: Public Founded: 1994

Provides speech-enabled, computer-assisted clinical documentation and decision support solutions for patient care, regulatory compliance, and financial performance.

Company Executives: Paul Ricci, Chairman and CEO; Janet Dillione, EVP and GM

3M Health Information Systems | Salt Lake City, UT | 800-367-2447 |

HIT Revenue: $448,907,000 (10) $425,627,000 (09) $413,300,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 81% Software; 1% Hardware; 18% Services

Employees: 950 Type Company: Public Founded: 1983

Offers integrated solutions for medical records coding, ICD-10, dictation and transcription, clinical documentation improvement, quality, data standardization, and vocabularies.

Company Executives: Jon T. Lindekugel, President; JaeLynn Williams, VP, Marketing

GE Healthcare** | Chalfont St. Giles, U.K. |

**Industry analysts' estimates rank company in top quartile.

Type Company: Public Offers a broad range of products and services to healthcare providers for diagnosis and earlier treatment of cancer, heart disease, neurological diseases, and other conditions.

Company Executives: John Dineen, President and CEO; Marcelo Mosci, President and CEO, GE Healthcare Americas

IBM** | Armonk, NY |

Type Company: Public Integrates data so doctors, patients, and insurers can share information seamlessly and efficiently; helps clients apply advanced analytics to improve medical research, diagnosis, and treatment.

Company Executives: Samuel J. Palmisano, Chairman, President, and CEO

Lawson Software** | St. Paul, MN | 800-477-1357 |

Type Company: Public Offers enterprise resource planning software, services, and support.

Company Executives: Harry Debes, CEO and President

Microsoft** | Redmond, WA |

Type Company: Public Founded: 1975

Offers health solutions including Amalga, HealthVault, and a portfolio of identity and access management technologies acquired from Sentillion Inc. in 2010.

Oracle Corporation** | Redwood Shores, CA | 800-392-2999 |

Type Company: Public Provides complete, open, and integrated business software and hardware systems.

Company Executives: Lawrence J. Ellison, CEO

MedQuist Holdings Inc. | Franklin, TN | 866-542-7253 |

HIT Revenue: $417,326,000 (10) $353,932,000 (09) $171,413,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 9% Software; 91% Services MandA 2010: Spheris, 4/10 for $112.4 million; Divested PFS, 12/10 for $14.8 million

Employees: 12,000 Type Company: Public Founded: 1998

Offers services that enable healthcare facilities to manage clinical documentation workflow from voice capture through coding.

Company Executives: Peter Masanotti, President and CEO; Anthony James, CFO

Infosys Technologies Limited | Plano, TX | 469-229-9400 |

HIT Revenue: $414,600,000 (10) $325,000,000 (09) $251,000,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 1% Software; 99% Services

Employees: 6,520 Type Company: Public Founded: 1981

Serves payers, providers, PBMs, retail pharmacies, life sciences, and HIEs, offering business consulting, IT outsourcing and BPO, knowledge services, systems integration, package application services and implementation, ADM and reengineering, and testing services.

Company Executives: S. Gopalakrishnan, CEO and Managing Director; Eric Paternoster, Unit Head, Insurance, Life Sciences and Healthcare Vertical

TELUS Health Solutions | Longueuil, PQ, Canada | 450-928-6000 |

HIT Revenue: $403,000,000 (10) $342,429,000 (09) $305,000,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 80% Software; 20% Services

Employees: 1,400 Type Company: Public Founded: 1998

Helps transform how information is used across the continuum of care, from hospital to primary care to home, with tools that foster collaboration, drive prevention, and empower care teams and patients.

Company Executives: Paul Lepage, SVP; Stephane Dubreuil, SVP, Consumer Health Marketing

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) | McLean, VA | 888-886-5909 |

HIT Revenue: $394,450,000 (10) $376,270,000 (09) $346,680,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 100% Services

Employees: 1,900 Type Company: Public Founded: 1969

Provides expertise, services, and infrastructure that support information-based healthcare to enhance patient care, accelerate public health surveillance, foster biomedical research, reduce costs, and improve healthcare system performance.

Company Executives: Joseph W. Craver III, President-Health, Energy and Civil Solutions Group; Stephen J. Comber, Health Solutions Business Unit General Manager

MedAssets, Inc. | Alpharetta, GA | 678-248-8194 |

HIT Revenue: $391,331,000 (10) $341,281,000 (09) $279,656,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 65% Software; 35% Services MandA 2010: The Broadlane Group, 11/10 for $850 million

Employees: 3,100 Type Company: Public Founded: 1999

Offers revenue cycle, spend, and clinical resource management solutions that help control cost, improve margins and cash flow, increase regulatory compliance, and optimize operational efficiency.

Company Executives: John A. Bardis, Chairman, President, and CEO; Rand A. Ballard, COO

Vangent, Inc. | Arlington, VA | 703-284-5600 |

HIT Revenue: $348,656,933 (10) $326,346,320 (09) $301,041,954 (08)

Major Revenue: 3% Software; 7% Hardware; 90% Services MandA 2010: Buccaneer Computer Systems and Service, 9/10

Employees: 3,960 Type Company: Private Founded: 1953

Supports the Military Health System for DoD; manages 1-800-MEDICARE and 1-800-CDC-INFO; provides tools to manage the healthcare of American Indians and Alaskan natives, leads development of NHIN CONNECT.

Company Executives: Mac Curtis, President and CEO; Jim Reagan, CFO

NextGen Healthcare | Horsham, PA | 215-657-7010 |

HIT Revenue: $334,768,000 (10) $262,900,000 (09) $214,900,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 30% Software; 2% Hardware; 68% Services MandA 2010: Opus Healthcare Solutions, Inc., 2/10

Employees: 1,300 Type Company: Public Founded: 1994

Provides integrated clinical, financial, and connectivity solutions for ambulatory, inpatient, and dental provider organizations. A wholly owned subsidiary of Quality Systems, Inc.

Company Executives: Scott Decker, President; Steve Puckett, EVP, Inpatient Solutions

Ascom Wireless Solutions | Goteborg, Sweden | 46 31 55 9300 |

HIT Revenue: $300,000,000 (10) $286,000,000 (09)

Major Revenue: 20% Software; 50% Hardware; 30% Services

Employees: 1,148 Type Company: Public Founded: 1955

Provides on-site wireless communications for segments such as hospitals and elder care. Its solutions are based on VoWiFi, IP-DECT, Nurse Call, and paging technologies, which are integrated into existing enterprise systems.

Company Executives: Fritz Mumenthaler, Managing Director; Anders Melin, VP, Supply Chain

InterSystems Corporation | Cambridge, MA | 617-621-0600 |

HIT Revenue: $281,000,000 (10) $231,200,000 (09) $226,000,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 65% Software; 35% Services

Employees: 900 Type Company: Private Founded: 1978

Offers software for connected healthcare, specializing in advanced integration, database, and business intelligence.

Company Executives: Terry Ragon, CEO; Paul Grabscheid, VP, Strategic Planning

SAS | Cary, NC | 919-531-8000 |

HIT Revenue: $270,638,200 (10) $244,700,000 (09) $205,660,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 85% Software; 15% Services

Employees: 11,801 Type Company: Private Founded: 1976

Provides business analytics solutions across the enterprise to support business decisions, align actions with business strategy, improve operational efficiency, and increase the bottom line.

Company Executives: Jim Goodnight, Founder and CEO; Jim Davis, CMO

HealthPort Technologies, LLC | Alpharetta, GA | 800-737-2585 |

HIT Revenue: $263,000,000 (10) $259,000,000 (09) $200,000,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 100% Services

MandA 2010: PHNS's Hunter Medical Systems, Inc. (HMSI) release of information services organization, 6/10

Employees: 3,700 Type Company: Private Founded: 1976

Provides release of information services, comprehensive audit management technology, disability forms completion, and on-site conversion services that facilitate the secure and expedient transfer of protected health information.

Company Executives: Mike Labedz, CEO; Brian Grazzini, CFO

Sage (Sage Healthcare Division)* | Tampa, FL | 877-932-6301 |

HIT Revenue: $251,520,000 (10)

Employees: 1,200 Type Company: Public Founded: 1981

Provides EHR, practice management, RCM, and analytics solutions to physicians, and processes claims and e-prescriptions. EHR specialties include primary care, OB/GYN, pediatrics, cardiology, and orthopedics in all sizes of practices and community health centers.

Company Executives: Betty Otter-Nickerson, President; Tony Ryzinski, SVP, Marketing

athenahealth, Inc. | Watertown, MA | 888-652-8200 |

HIT Revenue: $245,500,000 (10) $188,500,000 (09) $100,800,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 100% Software

Employees: 1,242 Type Company: Public Founded: 1997

Provides cloud-based business services for physicians that are based on proprietary Web-native practice management and EHR software, a continuously updated payer knowledge-base, integrated back-office service operations, and patient communications services.

Company Executives: Jonathan Bush, Chairman and CEO; Tim Adams, CFO

HCL Technologies Healthcare Practice | Florham Park, NJ | 732-803-1619 |

HIT Revenue: $199,000,000 (10) $134,000,000 (09) $102,000,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 93% Software; 1% Hardware; 6% Services

Employees: 6,600 Type Company: Public Founded: 1976

Offers business-aligned enterprise IT services, including domain expertise-driven information management, compliance solutions, and future-ready business process optimization, to leading pharmaceutical companies, insurance payers, and healthcare providers.

Company Executives: Pradep Nair, SVP, HCL Healthcare; Gurmeet Chahal, VP, Sales, HCL Healthcare

Sunquest Information Systems | Tucson, AZ | 800-748-0692 |

HIT Revenue: $174,500,000 (10) $164,700,000 (09) $155,500,000 (08)

Employees: 600 Type Company: Private Founded: 1979

Provides software to help increase patient safety and predictive medicine insight for community hospitals, integrated delivery networks, academic institutions, outreach programs, and reference laboratories, including streamlining workflow and fostering physician affinity.

Company Executives: Richard Atkin, President and CEO; Kathy Jehle, CFO

Kronos, Inc.* | Chelmsford, MA | 978-250-9800 |

HIT Revenue: $174,000,000 (10) $168,000,000 (09) $178,766,750 (08)

Founded: 1977

Helps organizations manage their workforce by giving them tools to control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity. Signed agreement to acquire API in February 2011.

Company Executives: Aron Ain, CEO; Peter George, CTO and SVP, Products and Technology

Anthelio Healthcare Solutions Inc. (formerly PHNS, Inc.) | Dallas, TX | 214-257-7000 |

HIT Revenue: $158,066,000 (10) $151,656,000 (09) $127,994,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 100% Services

Employees: 657 Type Company: Private Founded: 1999

Provides comprehensive information technology and business process services to hospitals, healthcare providers, and other businesses across the U.S.

Company Executives: Richard Garnick, CEO; Richard Kneipper, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder

CareTech Solutions | Troy, MI | 248-823-0800 |

HIT Revenue: $154,035,000 (10) $151,400,000 (09) $134,000,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 10% Software; 4% Hardware; 86% Services

Employees: 850 Type Company: Private Founded: 1998

An IT and Web products and services provider for U.S. hospitals and health systems offering flexible and customized IT solutions, including a healthcare-specific help desk and data center hosting.

Company Executives: Jim Giordano, President and CEO; Pat Milostan, SVP and COO

eClinicalWorks | Westborough, MA | 866-888-6929 |

HIT Revenue: $154,000,000 (10) $105,882,637 (09) $86,360,323 (08)

Major Revenue: 70% Software; 30% Services

Employees: 1,400 Type Company: Private Founded: 1999

Provides a comprehensive EHR with practice management solution, including EMR software as well as mobile, patient portal, and HIE applications for customers of all sizes and specialties.

Company Executives: Girish Navani, CEO and Co-Founder; Mahesh Navani, COO and Co-Founder; Dr. Raj Dharampuriya, CMO and Co-Founder

CPSi | Mobile, AL | 800-711-2774 |

HIT Revenue: $153,247,000 (10) $127,742,000 (09) $119,664,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 20% Software; 10% Hardware; 70% Services

Employees: 1,194 Type Company: Public Founded: 1979

Offers an integrated healthcare information system/EMR for community and specialty hospitals including software, hardware, implementation and support, with financial, clinical, patient care, physician portal, CPOE, and PACS software modules.

Company Executives: J. Boyd Douglas, President and CEO; David Dye, Chairman and CFO

QuadraMed | Reston, VA | 703-709-2300 |

HIT Revenue: $149,000,000 (10) $145,000,000 (09) $150,000,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 30% Software; 70% Services

Employees: 570 Type Company: Private Founded: 1993

Provides HIT solutions and services that address challenges in access/identity management, care management (EHR), health information management, and patient revenue management for health systems around the world.

Company Executives: Duncan James, CEO; Dave Piazza, CFO

MED3000 | Pittsburgh, PA | 412-937-8887 |

HIT Revenue: $144,257,942 (10) $136,347,275 (09) $120,594,741 (08)

Major Revenue: 15% Software; 85% Services

Employees: 2,105 Type Company: Private Founded: 1995

Provides healthcare management, operations, and information technology services that help differentiate its physician, hospital, municipal, and payer clients.

Company Executives: Patrick Hampson, Chairman and CEO; Stephen Ura, CTO

Merge Healthcare | Chicago, IL | 312-565-6868 |

HIT Revenue: $140,332,000 (10) $66,841,000 (09) $56,735,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 30% Software; 70% Services MandA 2010: AMICAS, 4/10 for $223.9 million

Employees: 750 Type Company: Public Founded: 1987

Develops software solutions that automate healthcare data and diagnostic workflow to create a more comprehensive electronic record of the patient experience. Products range from standards-based development toolkits to fully integrated clinical applications.

Company Executives: Jeff Surges, CEO; Justin Dearborn, President

Agfa HealthCare* | Mortsel, Belgium | 864-421-1600 |

HIT Revenue: $140,000,000 (10) $190,000,000 (09) $1,583,375,000 (08)

Type Company: Public

Provides IT-enabled clinical workflow and diagnostic image management solutions, and state-of-the-art systems for capturing and processing images in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Company Executives: Christian Reinaudo, President and CEO, Agfa-Gevaert, and President, Agfa HealthCare

Elsevier | Philadelphia, PA | 866-430-7062 |

HIT Revenue: $125,000,000 (10) $121,000,000 (09) $107,000,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 100% Software

Employees: 350 Type Company: Public Founded: 1995

Delivers clinical content, care planning and documentation, drug reference and decision support, learning and performance management, and analytics solutions that optimize decisions and actions to improve the overall quality, safety, and cost of care.

Company Executives: Michael Hansen, CEO; Chris Dillon, Managing Director

The Advisory Board Company* | Washington, DC | 202-266-5600 |

HIT Revenue: $124,381,800 (10) $104,454,900 (09) $104,437,350 (08)

MandA 2010: Cielo MedSolutions, 2/10 for $7.5 million

Employees: 1,349 Type Company: Public Founded: 1979

A consulting and technology services firm partnering with leading healthcare organizations.

Company Executives: Robert Musslewhite, CEO; Michael Kirshbaum, CFO

E*, Inc. | Sacramento, CA | 916-924-8092 |

HIT Revenue: $120,000,000 (10) $120,000,000 (09) $100,000,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 50% Software; 50% Services

Employees: 900 Type Company: Private Founded: 1999

Offers Web-based solutions for electronic clinical, financial, and administrative information management, and optimizing workflow and decision-making. The company's business model is comprised of 10 main HIPAA-compliant Integrated Systems.

Company Executives: Peter Wong, President; Mary Johnson, VP of Operations

SCC Soft Computer | Clearwater, FL | 727-789-0100 |

HIT Revenue: $115,000,000 (10) $97,700,000 (09) $87,300,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 50% Software; 10% Hardware; 40% Services

Employees: 1,500+ Type Company: Private Founded: 1979

A supplier of comprehensive laboratory and clinical information systems for the healthcare industry, offering information system suites for laboratory, outreach, blood services, radiology, pharmacy, and genetics.

Company Executives: Gilbert Hakim, CEO; Jean Hakim, President

HealthTech Holdings, Inc. | Nashville, TN | 888-463-0361 |

HIT Revenue: $110,217,182 (10) $77,148,773 (09) $67,011,973 (08)

Major Revenue: 19% Software; 19% Hardware; 62% Services MandA 2010: MEDHOST, 1/10

Employees: 551 Type Company: Private Founded: 1984

Manages operating companies that address the needs of healthcare facilities including Healthcare Management Systems (enterprise-wide technology platform), MEDHOST (throughput and emergency department software), and Sentry Healthcare Services, Inc. (financial and operational services).

Company Executives: Tom Stephenson, CEO, HMS; Craig Herrod, CEO, MEDHOST

maxIT Healthcare | Westfield, IN | 877-652-4099 |

HIT Revenue: $110,000,000 (10) $67,700,000 (09) $72,100,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 100% Services MandA 2010: Ingenuity Solutions Group, 5/10

Employees: 598 Type Company: Private Founded: 2001

A consulting firm focusing on healthcare IT, with expertise in all major HIS/EMR, ERP, and payer software applications, as well as in clinical imaging services and management consulting, including IT strategy/planning and ICD-10 services.

Company Executives: Parker Hinshaw, CEO; Mike Sweeney, President

SXC Health Solutions | Lisle, IL | 630-577-3100 |

HIT Revenue: $106,789,000 (10) $102,700,000 (09) $91,099,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 10% Software; 5% Hardware; 85% Services MandA 2010: Medfusion Rx, 12/10 for $100 million

Employees: 310 Type Company: Public Founded: 1981

Provides healthcare technology solutions to stakeholders in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Serves health plans, managed, and fee-for-service state Medicaid plans, Medicare Part D payors, MCOs, PBMs, government agencies, unions, workers' compensation, resident care facilities, and TPAs.

Company Executives: Mark Thierer, Chairman, President, and CEO; Mark Halloran, SVP, Strategic Initiatives

Availity | Jacksonville, FL | 904-470-4900 |

HIT Revenue: $100,000,000 (10) $75,000,000 (09) $65,000,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 100% Software MandA 2010: RealMed, 9/10

Employees: 500 Type Company: Private Founded: 2001

Provides a health information network supporting the exchange of business and clinical information between providers, vendor partners, and health plans. The network offers both batch and real-time functionality, as well as an online Web portal, B2B capabilities, and an EDI clearinghouse.

Company Executives: Julie Klapstein, CEO; Russ Thomas, President and COO

NEC Corporation of America | Irving, TX | 214-262-6400 |

HIT Revenue: $100,000,000 (10) $90,000,000 (09) $83,000,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 30% Software; 40% Hardware; 30% Services

Employees: 250 Type Company: Public Founded: 1899

Helps companies unify their business through software, applications, development tools and services, including portfolio for unified communications, wireless, voice, data, and managed and professional services.

Company Executives: Matt Pierce, SVP; Lance Mehaffey, Director of Healthcare Markets

Apollo Health Street | Conshohocken, PA | 800-569-6814 |

HIT Revenue: $95,000,000 (10) $99,000,000 (09) $109,000,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 100% Services

Employees: 2,900 Type Company: Public Founded: 2000

Full-service revenue cycle management company that helps healthcare organizations extend their business capabilities and strengthen financial outcomes.

Company Executives: Karen Ferrell, President and CEO; Arnab Sen, CFO

Netsmart Technologies | Great River, NY | 800-421-7503 |

HIT Revenue: $90,000,000 (10) $83,400,000 (09) $82,300,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 70% Software; 20% Hardware; 10% Services

Employees: 440 Type Company: Private Founded: 1978

Provides complete ARRA-certified SaaS and internally installed software solutions for mental health and substance abuse treatment providers, psychiatric hospitals, public health agencies, and managed care organizations nationwide.

Company Executives: James Conway, CEO; Kevin Scalia, EVP, Corporate Development

MedeAnalytics, Inc.* | Emeryville, CA | 510-647-1300 |

HIT Revenue: $80,000,000 (10) $70,000,000 (09)

Type Company: Private Founded: 1994

A health performance analytics company that uses business intelligence to improve financial, operational, and clinical performance.

Company Executives: Michael E. Gallagher, Chairman and CEO; Stephen Larch, CFO

Syntel, Inc. | Troy, MI | 248-619-2800 |

HIT Revenue: $79,299,905 (10) $61,546,688 (09) $53,397,045 (08)

Major Revenue: 100% Services

Type Company: Public Founded: 1980

A provider of integrated IT and BPO solutions. Targeted domain offerings for healthcare payers, providers, and life sciences companies include ICD-10 migration, provider analytics, meaningful use compliance, and globally delivered application development and management services.

Company Executives: Prashant Ranade, CEO and President; Murlidhar Reddy, Business Unit Head-Healthcare and Life Sciences

Passport Health Communications Inc. | Franklin, TN | 615-661-5657 |

HIT Revenue: $73,000,000 (10) $69,000,000 (09) $65,000,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 93% Software; 7% Services

Employees: 300 Type Company: Private Founded: 1996

Provides software and solutions to help hospitals and healthcare providers improve business operations and secure payment for their services.

Company Executives: Scott MacKenzie, CEO; David Whitt, CFO

Orion Health | Santa Monica, CA | 800-905-9151 |

HIT Revenue: $68,000,000 (10) $37,816,000 (09) $36,316,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 35% Software; 65% Services

Employees: 430 Type Company: Private Founded: 1993

Offers clinical workflow and integration technology. Its HIE solution includes disease management and patient portal options for both hospital-based exchange and state/region-based exchange; Rhapsody Integration Engine delivers interoperability between applications.

Company Executives: Ian McCrae, CEO; Paul Viskovich, President

Computer Task Group, Inc. (CTG) | Buffalo, NY | 716-882-8000 |

HIT Revenue: $66,080,019 (10) $45,876,440 (09) $59,271,166 (08)

Major Revenue: 100% Services

Employees: 376 Type Company: Public Founded: 1966

Delivers full-service healthcare IT consulting by providing IT solutions, consulting, staffing, and application management outsourcing to healthcare clients, including large IDNs, academic medical centers, community hospitals, physician practices, and HIEs.

Company Executives: James R. Boldt, Chairman and CEO; Brendan M. Harrington, SVP and CFO

HealthStream, Inc. | Nashville, TN | 615-301-3100 |

HIT Revenue: $65,800,000 (10) $57,400,000 (09) $51,600,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 100% Software

Employees: 400 Type Company: Public Founded: 1990

Provides learning and research solutions for the healthcare industry. Helps healthcare organizations create safer environments for patients and increase clinical competencies of their workforces.

Company Executives: Robert A. Frist, Jr., Chairman, President, and CEO; Arthur E. Newman, EVP

Healthland | Minneapolis, MN | 800-323-6987 |

HIT Revenue: $65,500,000 (10) $60,194,528 (09) $52,248,983 (08)

Major Revenue: 20% Software; 14% Hardware; 66% Services

Employees: 205 Type Company: Private Founded: 1980

Provides software and services aimed at rural community hospitals that provide a central repository of patient information in all care settings.

Company Executives: Angela Franks, President and CEO; Jim Anderson, SVP, Sales and Service

Vitalize Consulting Solutions, Inc. | Kennett Square, PA | 610-444-1233 |

HIT Revenue: $65,000,000 (10) $55,594,767 (09) $48,755,534 (08)

Major Revenue: 100% Services

Employees: 323 Type Company: Private Founded: 2002

Specializes in strategic guidance, PMO, business, ambulatory, and operational improvements. Training and implementation consultants for the Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, legacy Eclipsys, McKesson, and MEDITECH client base.

Company Executives: Bruce Cerullo, CEO and President; Mary Pat Fralick, COO and EVP

Hyland Software, Inc. | Westlake, OH | 440-788-5000 |

HIT Revenue: $64,993,000 (10) $42,859,000 (09) $32,699,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 85% Software; 15% Services MandA 2010: Computer Systems Company, Inc. (dba The CSC Group), 9/10

Employees: 900 Type Company: Private Founded: 1991

Developer of OnBase, an enterprise content management software suite, used by delivery networks, home healthcare facilities, and community hospitals.

Company Executives: A.J. Hyland, President and CEO; Miguel Zubizarreta, EVP and CTO

Greenway Medical Technologies, Inc. | Carrollton, GA | 678-839-5868 |

HIT Revenue: $64,642,000 (10) $48,712,000 (09) $38,799,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 20% Software; 8% Hardware; 72% Services

Employees: 420 Type Company: Private Founded: 1998

Provides EHR, practice management, and interoperabilty healthcare software to ambulatory physician practices that includes integrated clinical, financial, and administrative functions and the ability to share data with hospitals and public health agencies.

Company Executives: Tee Green, President and CEO; Al Cochran, CFO

CNSI | Rockville, MD | 301-634-4600 |

HIT Revenue: $62,572,000 (10) $76,491,133 (09) $71,833,065 (08)

Major Revenue: 100% Services

Employees: 350 Type Company: Private Founded: 1994

Delivers IT and business process outsourcing solutions to federal, state, and local government agencies, and commercial enterprises. Helps clients improve business performance and align IT with their business objectives.

Company Executives: B. Chatterjee, CEO; Adnan Ahmed, President

API Healthcare* | Hartford, WI | 262-673-6815 |

HIT Revenue: $60,950,000 (10) $53,000,000 (09) $42,000,000 (08)

Founded: 1982

Creates healthcare workforce management solutions, including staffing and scheduling, patient classification, human resources, recruiting, payroll, time and attendance, business analytics, and staffing agency solutions. Kronos signed agreement to acquire this company February 2011.

Company Executives: J.P. Fingado, President and CEO; Patrick Pomroy, CFO

Zynx Health Incorporated* | Los Angeles, CA | 310-954-1945 |

HIT Revenue: $60,000,000 (10) $45,000,000 (09)

Major Revenue: 95% Software; 5% Services

Employees: 210 Type Company: Private Founded: 1996

Provides evidence-based and experience-based clinical decision support solutions, including order sets, plans of care, clinical decision-support rules, quality forecasters, and practice guidelines to drive clinical improvements at the point of care. A subsidiary of Hearst Corporation.

Company Executives: Scott Weingarten, MD, MPH, President and CEO; David Rhew, MD, SVP and Chief Medical Officer

Vital Images, Inc. | Minnetonka, MN | 952-487-9500 |

HIT Revenue: $59,709,000 (10) $58,230,000 (09) $68,141,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 38% Software; 5% Hardware; 57% Services

Employees: 238 Type Company: Public Founded: 1988

Offers visualization and analysis software for physicians and healthcare specialists. The software provides users productivity and communication tools to improve patient care that can be accessed throughout the enterprise.

Company Executives: Michael Carrel, President and CEO; Peter Goepfrich, CFO

TeleTracking Technologies, Inc. | Pittsburgh, PA | 412-391-7862 |

HIT Revenue: $57,590,000 (10) $51,764,000 (09) $43,700,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 80% Software; 20% Services

Employees: 264 Type Company: Private Founded: 1991

Applies principles of logistics management to hospitals and health systems to help them enhance patient care, improve financial performance, and gain competitive advantage.

Company Executives: Anthony Sanzo, President and CEO; Kirk Stephen, CFO and COO

Vocera Communications, Inc. | San Jose, CA | 408-882-5656 |

HIT Revenue: $56,900,000 (10) $41,100,000 (09) $39,800,000 (08)

MandA 2010: Clinical Health Communications, 10/10; Integrated Voice Solutions, 10/10; ExperiaHealth, 11/10

Employees: 240 Type Company: Private Founded: 2000

Offers a voice communications system that features a wireless wearable badge that is used by healthcare staff to communicate instantly to ensure the right care professional can help the right patient for the right situation.

Company Executives: Robert Zollars, Chairman and CEO; Brent Lang, President and COO

NaviNet* | Boston, MA | 617-715-6000 |

HIT Revenue: $55,000,000 (10) $50,000,000 (09)

Major Revenue: 70% Software; 30% Services MandA 2010: Prematics Inc., 11/10

Employees: 300 Type Company: Private Founded: 1998

Offers a real-time healthcare communications network that securely links providers, patients, industry partners, and health plans through a single, secure Web portal.

Company Executives: Bradley J. Waugh, President and CEO; Ammar Afif, CFO and COO

Springfield Service Corporation | Tinley Park, IL | 708-342-6900 |

HIT Revenue: $53,338,000 (10) $45,356,000 (09) $36,770,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 100% Services

Employees: 500 Type Company: Private Founded: 1986

Provides revenue cycle management services to health providers, including physician billing, A/R recovery and workdown, coding compliance consulting and training, documentation process improvement, IT services, and full business process outsourcing.

Company Executives: Michael Beninato, CEO; John O'Donnell, President

ZirMed | Louisville, KY | 502-473-7709 |

HIT Revenue: $51,000,000 (10) $44,000,000 (09) $34,000,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 95% Software; 5% Services

Employees: 265 Type Company: Private Founded: 1999

Delivers revenue cycle management solutions to healthcare providers.

Company Executives: Jerry Merritt, CEO; Jim Lacy, CFO

Mediware Information Systems | Lenexa, KS | 913-307-1000 |

HIT Revenue: $47,616,000 (10) $40,685,000 (09) $39,440,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 25% Software; 75% Services MandA 2010: Healthcare Automation Inc., 12/10

Employees: 285 Type Company: Public Founded: 1980

Delivers interoperable software systems that improve efficiencies and address safety concerns, enabling healthcare organizations of all sizes to improve care processes while decreasing costs. Targets inpatient hospitals, blood centers, outpatient, and home health.

Company Executives: Thomas Mann, CEO; Michael Martens, CFO

Source Medical Solutions, Inc. | Birmingham, AL | 205-972-1222 |

HIT Revenue: $45,896,000 (10) $45,262,000 (09) $44,835,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 95% Software; 5% Services MandA 2010: Advance Patient Financial Services, 4/10; Serbin Surgery Center Billing, 12/10

Employees: 365 Type Company: Private Founded: 2001

Provides management system software and EHR and outsourced billing services to ambulatory surgery centers, specialty hospitals, and rehabilitation clinics.

Company Executives: Larry McTavish, Chairman and CEO; Kim Fieldbinder, CFO

Webmedx | Atlanta, GA | 770-522-4881 |

HIT Revenue: $43,700,000 (10) $42,400,000 (09) $38,500,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 5% Software; 95% Services

Employees: 700 Type Company: Private Founded: 1996

Offers a comprehensive suite of technology and services from document creation via speech recognition technology to natural language processing (NLP) data mining of narrative, free text reports, and other external data sources.

Company Executives: Sean Carroll, CEO; Jay Cannon, President and COO

The SSI Group, Inc. | Mobile, AL | 800-881-2739 |

HIT Revenue: $43,100,000 (10) $40,325,000 (09) $41,370,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 100% Software

Employees: 385 Type Company: Private Founded: 1988

Creates software designed to improve revenue cycle efficiencies while reducing staffing requirements by streamlining workflow, reducing A/R days, and enabling two-way integration with healthcare information systems.

Company Executives: Bobby Smith, CEO; Deborah Short, COO

Amcom Software | Eden Prairie, MN | 800-852-8935 |

HIT Revenue: $39,000,000 (10) $34,000,000 (09) $24,000,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 50% Software; 5% Hardware; 45% Services

Employees: 257 Type Company: Private Founded: 1984

Offers unified communications technologies, including solutions for mobile device connectivity, contact centers, emergency management, mobile event notification, and paging infrastructure.

Company Executives: Chris Heim, CEO; Dan Mayleben, CFO

Perficient, Inc. | St. Louis, MO | 314-529-3600 |

HIT Revenue: $38,434,185 (10) $34,075,120 (09) $29,848,593 (08)

Major Revenue: 5% Software; 5% Hardware; 90% Services

Employees: 275 Type Company: Public Founded: 1998

Delivers both strategic consulting and technology solutions to provider, payer, life science, and government healthcare organizations.

Company Executives: Jeffrey S. Davis, CEO and President; Kathy Henely, COO

Edifecs | Bellevue, WA | 425-452-0630 |

HIT Revenue: $38,212,388 (10) $19,019,749 (09) $11,000,502 (08)

Major Revenue: 80% Software; 20% Services

Employees: 312 Type Company: Private Founded: 1996

Provides software solutions that streamline the processing and exchange of healthcare information transactions, such as enrollment and claims and payment management.

Company Executives: Gurpreet (Sunny) Singh, President and CEO; Chanbir Mann, COO

Capario | Santa Ana, CA | 949-852-3400 |

HIT Revenue: $35,300,000 (10) $35,300,000 (09) $27,000,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 100% Services

Employees: 136 Type Company: Private Founded: 1989

Provides RCM solutions connecting payers, providers, and vendors.

Company Executives: Jim Riley, President; Lonnie Hardin, EVP of Operations and Chief Privacy Officer

MEDSEEK | Birmingham, AL | 888-633-7335 |

HIT Revenue: $34,604,396 (10) $28,538,820 (09) $25,087,857 (08)

Major Revenue: 60% Software; 40% Services

Employees: 207 Type Company: Private Founded: 1996

Focuses on creating a 360-degree e-health experience for patients, clinicians, and administrative staff by removing traditional integration and communication barriers, workflow roadblocks, and redundant processes.

Company Executives: Peter Kuhn, CEO; Darren McCormick, President and COO

Beacon Partners, Inc. | Weymouth, MA | 781-982-8400 |

HIT Revenue: $33,931,336 (10) $24,660,465 (09) $28,984,078 (08)

Major Revenue: 100% Services

Employees: 190 Type Company: Private Founded: 1989

Provides strategic, IT, clinical, operations, and ARRA-HITECH consulting services to health systems, academic practice plans, community hospitals, integrated delivery networks, and physician groups and payers.

Company Executives: Ralph P. Fargnoli, Jr., President and CEO; Charles R. Anastos, Jr., SVP

Surgical Information Systems | Alpharetta, GA | 678-507-1739 |

HIT Revenue: $33,100,000 (10) $29,500,000 (09) $26,700,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 30% Software; 70% Services

Employees: 160 Type Company: Private Founded: 1998

Provides solutions that are designed to add value at every point of the perioperative process; all solutions, including anesthesia, are architected on a single database and integrate with other hospital systems.

Company Executives: Edward R. Daihl, CEO; Kermit S. Randa, SVP, Sales and Marketing

Agilex Technologies, Inc. | Chantilly, VA | 703-889-3800 |

HIT Revenue: $31,000,000 (10) $18,500,000 (09) $6,100,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 5% Software; 5% Hardware; 90% Services

Employees: 140 Type Company: Private Founded: 2007

Provides federal agencies and their stakeholders with solutions for HIE, EMR, public health monitoring, benefits administration, and clinical decision support.

Company Executives: Jay Nussbaum, COO; Larry Albert, President-Healthcare

Motorola Solutions | Holtsville, NY | 631-738-3092 |

HIT Revenue: $31,000,000 (10)

Major Revenue: 1% Software; 90% Hardware; 9% Services

Employees: >10,000 Type Company: Public Founded: 1928

Offers solutions that enable healthcare providers to share real-time information inside or outside the facility for increased patient safety and more attentive care.

Company Executives: Greg Brown, President and CEO; Gene Delaney, EVP, Product and Business Operations

Navicure, Inc. | Duluth, GA | 770-342-0200 |

HIT Revenue: $30,694,757 (10) $26,083,120 (09) $20,437,085 (08)

Major Revenue: 100% Software

Employees: 155 Type Company: Private Founded: 2001

An Internet-based medical claims clearinghouse that helps physician practices increase profitability through improved claims reimbursement and staff productivity. All of this company's solutions are supported by the Navicure 3-Ring Policy.

Company Executives: Jim Denny, President and CEO; Craig Bridge, COO

ADP AdvancedMD* | South Jordan, UT | 801-984-9500 |

HIT Revenue: $30,689,639 (10) $26,286,643 (09) $21,666,375 (08)

Employees: 200

Provides medical billing software, including cloud-based EHR software and practice management software, delivered to providers and medical billing service providers nationwide. AdvancedMD acquired by ADP March 2011.

Company Executives: Raul Villar, President; Michele Hilton, CFO

Edaptive Systems LLC | Owings Mills, MD | 410-327-3366 |

HIT Revenue: $30,000,000 (10) $6,495,000 (09) $2,437,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 70% Software; 5% Hardware; 25% Services

Employees: 130 Type Company: Private Founded: 1999

Provides software engineering services; program and project management services; business requirements management; database design and administration; mobile application development; information assurance; and verification and validation services for public and private sector customers.

Company Executives: Frank Blair, Managing Partner; Michael Keck, Partner

Iatric Systems, Inc. | Boxford, MA | 978-805-4100 |

HIT Revenue: $29,000,000 (10) $27,700,000 (09) $23,700,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 100% Software

Employees: 222 Type Company: Private Founded: 1990

Helps hospitals and health systems leverage their HIS investment with software, interfaces, and reporting services.

Company Executives: Joel Berman, President; John Danahey, VP

Craneware, Inc. | Atlanta, GA | 404-364-2032 |

HIT Revenue: $28,397,115 (10) $22,992,682 (09) $18,676,321 (08)

Major Revenue: 88% Software; 12% Services

Employees: 138 Type Company: Public Founded: 1999

Develops solutions that help healthcare provider organizations achieve operational efficiency, compliance, and optimal legitimate reimbursement, resulting in sustainable financial performance improvement.

Company Executives: Keith Neilson, CEO; Gordon Craig, President and CTO

Medical Present Value, Inc. (MPV) | Austin, TX | 866-930-1230 |

HIT Revenue: $27,799,015 (10) $22,155,936 (09) $17,296,041 (08)

Major Revenue: 100% Services

Employees: 166 Type Company: Public Founded: 1999

Enables healthcare providers to collect accurate payments from both patients and payers through technology and consultative services that streamline critical revenue cycle processes.

Company Executives: Tom Stampiglia, CEO; Craig Halley, CTO and VP, Engineering

Burwood Group, Inc. | Chicago, IL | 877-287-9663 |

HIT Revenue: $26,728,693 (10) $8,937,849 (09) $10,607,381 (08)

Major Revenue: 10% Software; 80% Hardware; 10% Services

Employees: 85 Type Company: Private Founded: 1997

Provides consultative service in clinical collaboration and communication, strategic operations and advisory services, regulatory compliance, information technology, facility transformation and development, and medical device strategy and integration.

Company Executives: Mark Theoharous, CEO; Jim Hart, President

SCI Solutions | Los Gatos, CA | 408-378-0262 |

HIT Revenue: $23,000,000 (10) $19,000,000 (09) $17,000,000 (08)

Major Revenue: 89% Software; 11% Services

Employees: 85 Type Company: Private Founded: 1999

Optimizes order communications with community physicians, enhancing enterprise-wide scheduling, and developing strategies that accelerate revenue cycle via a Web-based solution.

Company Executives: John Holton, President and CEO; Cynthia Dullea, SVP-Marketing

Healthcare Informatics 2011 June;28(6):10-40

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