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New & Improved

March 14, 2007
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Aurora Health Care looks to avoid headaches by outsourcing wireless support.

Kodak Flexes

Rochester, N.Y.-headquartered Eastman Kodak Company's Health Group has rolled out its new digital radiography system.

Kodak Directview DR 3000 digital console features a motorized positioning arm to enable capture of a variety of general radiography exams. According to the company, upright and table exams are captured with the Bucky tilting feature for angled projections. Designed as a timesaving feature, the DR 3000's X-ray tube and detector are constantly aligned. The detector features a 17-inch-squared image area to eliminate the need for rotation, and preview images are available in fewer than eight seconds.

Stop Spreading the Germs

Winchester, Va.-headquartered Datalux Corp. has new infection control capabilities for all its Datalux IPIX computers, which inhibit bacteria from spreading, multiplying or surviving, according to the company.

Datalux, a manufacturer of mobile carts, wall mounts and custom computer products that also feature sealed cabinets, a fan-less operation and washable keyboards, has incorporated a silver-based antimicrobial additive into all plastic parts within Datalux IPIX computers, which inhibits growth of microbes on plastic surfaces and protects the plastic from deteriorating, according to the company.

Tres Smart

Tapping into the smartphone craze, Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Palm Inc. has introduced the Palm Treo 700p. Palm's newest smartphone has dual OS usability and includes hardware and software.

The new Treo has a built-in Web browser and rich media capabilities on the Evolution Data Optimized network. Because Palm provides support for Windows applications, 700p users can take advantage of Palm OS applications as well as work on native Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint documents or use a PDF viewer, the company says.

With more memory — 128MB total, 60MB nonvolatile — the new Treo aims to offer faster connection speeds, dial-up networking and more memory than its predecessors.

Easier E-Prescribing

Dallas-based Zix Corporation, a provider of hosted services for e-mail encryption and e-prescribing, has released PocketScript 6.51, the latest version of its e-prescribing service.

The new release allows bi-directional communications between a pharmacist and PocketScript users to enhance the prescription-renewal process, provides patient co-pay information at the point-of-care and adds additional convenience features for physicians and their staff, according to the company.

Physicians can access a patient's insurance co-pay information for prescribed drugs at the point-of-care, if available. This data can be displayed in a variety of ways including: minimum and/or maximum co-pay; flat amount; minimum and/or maximum out-of-pocket expense; percentage; and co-pay tiers. The feature lets patients know drug costs prior to going to the pharmacy and enables physicians to choose a less expensive drug if desired.

ZixCorp's PocketScript e-prescribing service enables physicians to write prescriptions electronically and send them directly to pharmacies through either a wireless handheld PDA or a secure Web site. Now the service also allows pharmacists to request prescription renewals and send them directly to the doctor's office. The application also includes formulary information, a drug reference guide, drug-to-drug and drug-to-allergy checking, and patient-specific drug-dispensed lists.

CaseScribe PC Gets the Word Out

Looking to provide medical, medical specialty and general transcription, Lansing, N.Y.-based Tech S2 Inc. is stepping up, speaking up and going wireless.

Tech S2's CaseScribePDA is a Web-based application service provider solution that combines speech recognition with digital dictation to allow users to dictate using a headset, handheld digital voice recorder, PDA or smartphone. According to the company, transcription is secure and available in less than an hour, 24/7.

NovaRad's New Views

To streamline viewing PACS images in the operating room, American Fork, Utah-based NovaRad Corporation has released a new viewer.

The NovaPACS OR Viewer allows physicians to compare old and new images side-by-side and to view images in a large-scale format on a 30-inch monitor. The new product includes standard window, level, pan, zoom, measure, and cross-localize functions. The NovaRad viewer features single-click viewing of radiologist reports and allows for preset window/level preferences by log-in for instant call-up, and plain-paper print.

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