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June 26, 2009
by root
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Health IT Takes Center Stage

A recent article probed some of the advocacy led by health IT orgs that was a contributing factor in the passage of HITECH. What is your feeling about the expected growth in mainstream media coverage of the inner workings of the healthcare IT industry?

It will be positive for healthcare IT 69.57%

It will be negative for healthcare IT 21.74%

Positive and negative aspects will balance each other out 8.70%

Poll Comments:


Transparency is vital for the future of business and politics.


There is a requirement of a periodic detailed and definitive survey as a census of needs in any grant or revolving fund program to monitor the process of implementing the program, to ensure that there exists no fraudulent use of the monies, to show progress, and to determine best practices over time with a historical database of improvement. Without that, unwise spending, or fraud, waste and abuse will cripple the positive effect.

Security Breaches

The HITECH Act includes new provisions regarding protected health information. Does your organization have a procedure in place in the event of a security breach?

Yes 45.45%

We're working on it 9.09%

No 18.18%

Not sure 27.27%

Poll Comments:


Unfortunately upper management still does not look at this as being a priority.

Meaningful Use

Do you think your hospital demonstrates meaningful use sufficiently to qualify for HITECH incentives? If not, how long will it take to get there?

We already qualify 26.67%

1 year 6.67%

2 years 33.33%

3 years 26.67%

More than 3 years 6.67%

Healthcare Informatics 2009 July;26(7):20

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