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Readers Speak

June 26, 2008
by root
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How much of a role will the presidential candidates' experience with healthcare IT initiatives play in your decision?

  • Very significant. 25.93%

  • Somewhat significant. 29.63%

  • None. 25.93%

Poll Comments


It will play a very minor role


The next president will have to rely 100% on experts and advisors regarding any Executive Branch policies towards healthcare IT. I doubt whether this will be a priority for either of the candidates.

On May 19, Google Health became available to the public. Does your facility plan to accept information from patients through this service?

  • Yes. 8.82%

  • No. 35.29%

  • Don't know yet. 55.88%

Poll Comments


This is something we are going to have to keep a very close eye on. I know Cleveland Clinic has done some work, so that means it's “real.”

What is your overall impression of the level of preparedness of new or newer CIOs coming into the CIO position?

  • Very well prepared. 7.69%

  • Somewhat prepared. 76.92%

  • Not at all prepared. 15.38%

Poll Comments


Those that have a vast amount of experience, an advanced degree MBA, and reach across multiple departments appear to remain a significant value add to the organizations they work for


Additional training is needed.


Hello Anthony,

I love reading Healthcare Informatics and have for many years. I am an RN that took the plunge into the Informatics field about 8 years ago and I haven't regretted it since.

When I received the June 08 issue, I was taken aback by the byline under the Journal title: “Leadership, Value and Vision for the CIO.” I quickly thought, “When did I miss this?” But looking at the May issue it still stated “The Business of Healthcare Information Technology.” I understand that you may want to appeal to CIOs, after all, they make many of the IT decisions. But what about those of us that are in the trenches? I felt that the website had geared more to the CIOs as well.

Do you plan to keep it this way? There are many non-CIOs that receive this journal … please don't leave us out!


Carla Hopkins, RN, BSN

Health Information Management

Document Imaging System Manager

St. Francis Hospital & Health Centers

Hi Carla,

Your observations are correct. We have become a more focused publication, targeting the CIO/CTO/CMIO suite.

I'm sorry that you're not fond of the change, but after a few years on the publication, I felt we were a bit scattered in our focus, leaving us unable to really drill down on any one segment of the market and provide deep value. I know this change may mean some (like yourself) feel left out, and I apologize for that.

I do hope that the magazine continues to resonate with you on some level, and I will do my best to take your comments and suggestions into consideration as we move forward.


Anthony Guerra

Editor-in-Chief, Healthcare Informatics

Thanks, Anthony, for your quick response.

I will still find value in the journal, as the information is always pertinent to what I do.


Carla Hopkins

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