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April 30, 2008
by root
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McKesson and Phillips snap up companies on a regular basis, while Epic couldn't be less interested in acquisitions. Which approach do you think produces a more attractive vendor/partner?

  • McKesson/Phillips'. 11.48%

  • Epic's. 32.79

  • Acquisitions, in and of themselves, don't really matter - it's how well the two companies and cultures are merged afterward that counts. 55.74%

Poll Comments


Inherently, those companies which have done a good job in a specialized area have a better product for the end users, however these acquisitions do need to be integrated seamlessly with the rest of the HIS


Of late, I've heard nothing but frustration on the part of clinicians (physicians and nurses both) about how utterly complex Epic's applications are. I think the net of this is that while the C-suite may like the appeal of dealing with a sole vendor, the end result for the clinicians is they still are getting the lowest common denominator from a workflow/productivity perspective and it is not a solution that fits anyone's needs very well when you try to apply the same solution across the board


I do get uncomfortable with companies- e.g. McKesson — that seem intent on buying anything that's not nailed down. The benefit to the company and customers comes when a company can acquire systems that fit strategically, technically, and bring expertise that's hard to build internally

The Misys/Allscripts merger should be of most concern to which competitor?

  • Epic. 9.27%

  • GE. 9.93%

  • NextGen. 22.52%

  • Cerner. 7.28%

  • eClinicalWorks. 13.91%

  • Greenway. 1.32%

  • ChartCare. 0.00%

  • Sage. 1.99%

  • MedcomSoft. 1.32%

  • No one - no material impact on the competitive landscape. 32.45%

Poll Comments


Neither - two weak companies don't make one strong one, they get weaker


NextGen and eClinical have the most to be worried about as the Misys PM system is used mostly by small and mid-sized practices, who will be much more likely now to adopt Allscripts EMRs


The merger makes no sense. How will the combined company support 4 EMR solutions and 5 PM solutions? Both companies struggle individually. The combined organization will fall flat on its face


It gives Allscripts a decent PM, which they lost when GE bought IDX


Misys was a non competitor. Their products were old, leadership failing, and hemorrhaging market share

Perlegen Sciences Inc. has contracted with an unnamed EMR vendor to mine patient data. Would you contract with an EMR vendor if it had an agreement like this in place?

  • No way. It's not right and will scare my patients. 58.54%

  • Yes, if I got a big discount. 2.44%

  • Yes, if I was able to obtain the patient's concent to be contacted by the third party approached them. 34.15%

  • Sure, it's not a big deal. 4.88%

Poll Comments


I don't know enough about the nuances of this, but, from what I've read, it sounds too shady


We at the company I work for do that now. I would be interested in a follow-up on this poll.


Would do it if patient identifiers were stripped and we were compensated


Whatever happened to informed consent and patient privacy? How would you be sure that what they say they want to do this year won't expand in the coming years? This is something like the “Patriot Act”' of health


The day is coming — the public needs to be educated on how the information is used, and the data miners need to be accountable to use the data as advertised. Great public health possibilities but also a great public trust risk

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