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October 1, 1998
by root
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WHY DO YOU READ a magazine? One CIO says he looks for others who share his pain (system failures, staff vacuums, budget wars). Another wants to know what her vendors are up to. (If Vendor A buys Competitor B, have I picked the system they’ll support over time?) The vendors want to check out each others’ stories. The consultants troll for market opportunities.

There’s more to know than you can contend with by reading; more that you want to know than you can find when you need it. At Healthcare Informatics we grapple with this all the time--in our own drive to stay ahead of the industry as well as in how we present that distillation to you. Here are some new offerings we hope will bring you closer to what you want to know.

  • New Company Index. Want to know if your vendor’s mentioned in one of our articles this month? Or if your organization appears somewhere in the editorial pages of the magazine? The Company Index (page 12) introduced this issue, lists all companies, provider organizations and government agencies, cited alphabetically with the beginning page number of the article that mentions it.
  • Table of Contents. Readership of Healthcare Informatics has expanded dramatically in the last year to include CEOs, CFOs and COOs of healthcare organizations, who come to the magazine with different expectations (and a different vocabulary) about the business of information technology.
  • As of this issue, you and your colleagues in IS can scan our Contents pages for topics of particular interest, topped by simple headers like Managed Care, Wireless and Standards, followed by brief descriptions of the articles that will convince you to come inside. More information; fewer words. We hope it will lead to a more satisfying reading experience.
  • Shorter stories, more story packages. Every article that reaches our pages is worth reading (our humble opinion), but to raise the odds that you will read it we’ve cut to the chase, called out the highlights, and pulled important information into sidebars that deliver the details even when you think you’re skimming.

And beyond the magazine there’s the 1999 .

Another healthcare conference?

Next April at McCormick Place in Chicago we’re taking our mission as a magazine live. With the speed of business changes and technological advancements, we think there’s still room for good education and networking opportunities. (For conference information and updates, see or call (203) 847-9599.) We’re committed to providing readers with the highest level industry intelligence in the context of healthcare as a business, and so we promise a conference as provocative, informative and authoritative as the magazine itself. You’ll want to be there--it could be your best personal investment in 1999.


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