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What are the Emerging Technologies to Guard PHI? (Podcast)

November 7, 2013
by Gabriel Perna
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Jared Rhoads

In this edition of the Healthcare Informatics podcast, Senior Editor Gabriel Perna speaks with Jared Rhoads, the senior research specialist with CSC’s Global Institute for Emerging Healthcare Practices. Rhoads is an expert researcher in the area of health information technology, and specifically on the topic of data security.

For the November/December issue of Healthcare Informatics, Perna wrote about how proactive healthcare organizations have gone after data security threats with emerging technologies. In this podcast, Rhoads discusses many of the subjects covered in the article, in-depth. Starting off, he talks about why more than ever, sophisticated data security technology is needed in a healthcare environment.

Later on, Rhoads goes over some of the specific proactive technologies, network monitoring, virtualization, dual-factor authentication, being used in healthcare environments to thwart data security threats. Lastly, he talks about the difficulties on getting return on investment (ROI) from these technologies, and why healthcare organizations have had trouble getting data security up to proper standards.

"You have to ask yourself, 'what is the potential cost of a breach?' Nowadays there are potential fines and monetary penalties, legal fees, with the new Omnibus rules there would be breach notification response costs, lost reputation. There are lot of potential downsides that you want to avoid incurring. The problem is what's the probability. No matter what number you put in front of that coefficient, it's somebody's best guess," Rhoads says, likening the investment into this technology to buying insurance.

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