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David Levin Commentary

David Levin

David Levin


Dr. Dave Levin has been a physician executive and entrepreneur for more than 30 years. He is a...

Home Remedies for Innovation Constipation

June 26, 2017  |  Dave Levin, M.D.
Healthcare is suffering from Innovation Constipation (IC). The signs and symptoms are everywhere with more appearing daily, and the problem is particularly acute in healthcare IT. The good news: there are home remedies for IC.

PAX East: Thoughts on Gamification for Healthcare

March 31, 2017  |  Dave Levin, M.D.
Recently my oldest son invited me to go with him to PAX East, one of the largest gaming conventions in the world. Having recently come from HIMSS17 I was struck by both the contrasts and the similarities.

AI Now? Really?

March 14, 2017  |  Dave Levin, M.D.
Once again, I am failing Fitzgerald’s test of first-rate intelligence. It happens frequently. This week the cause is artificial intelligence (AI) for healthcare. I blame HIMSS 2017.

The Industrialization of Health IT

January 30, 2017  |  Dave Levin, M.D.
A colleague recently made the case to me that APIs are revolutionizing healthcare in the same way that the adoption of interchangeable parts transformed manufacturing, economies and the world. It’s a brilliant analogy.

Can Propeller Health Propel Us Into the Future?

March 4, 2014  |  David Levin, M.D.
I have seen the future of healthcare information technology and it is in Madison, WI. No, I’m not talking about Epic, the behemoth that bestrides the world of EMRs, although clearly they are part of that future. I am talking about a small, start up, Propeller Health.

Can Healthcare IT (HIT) Deliver Value? (Part II)

January 31, 2014  |  David Levin, M.D.
In my previous post on a value-based approach to healthcare information technology (HIT), I began by noting the emergence of the Value Equation as a key concept in reforming the U.S. healthcare system. This shift from volume to value will have an enormous effect over time, not least on how we think about and approach healthcare IT.

Can Healthcare IT Deliver Value? (Part I)

January 24, 2014  |  David Levin, M.D.
Like the rest of healthcare, HIT is starting to recognize the importance of the Value Equation in reforming the U.S. healthcare system. In it's simplest form, the value equation is simply the quality of the service divided by the cost of delivering that service. Today we are paid "to do stuff" - do more procedures and office visits and you get paid more.

Patient Portals to the Future? (Part II)

January 17, 2014  |  David Levin, M.D.
In my previous post on patient portals we looked at some of the ways patient portals are being used to enhance patient’s engagement in their own care and to facilitate the transformation of the healthcare system from one based on volume to one that promotes value.

Patient Portals to the Future? (Part I)

January 9, 2014  |  David Levin, M.D.
The gap between our experience as patients in healthcare and as consumers in almost every other sphere of our lives has become a yawning chasm. This is the first of two posts exploring the potential of patient portals to help engage patients and transform healthcare delivery.

Why Blog?

January 3, 2014  |  David Levin, M.D.
To commentary is to know that inevitably you will be wrong. You will likely be embarrassed when looking back from the future with the advantage of hindsight. So why am I doing it?