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Travis Gathright Commentary

Travis Gathright

CIO and Corporate Compliance Officer, Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, Philadelphia


As CIO, Travis Gathright's responsibilities include IT strategic planning,...

Are Patient Education Apps for Tablets a Potential Quick Win?

March 2, 2012  |  Travis Gathright, MHA
I enjoy the rare technology in the hospital-world that can start producing results relatively quickly. Recently, I’ve seen some applications for tablets that provide clinicians the ability to quickly and easily provide what is essentially an instant, personalized, interactive, multi-media patient education presentation. Maybe these types of apps can provide relatively "quick wins" to help improve patient care?

Reconsidering Innovation in a Future of “Always”

February 7, 2012  |  Travis Gathright, MHA
Many healthcare organizations are no longer talking about generally good or even great performance, they are working towards the concrete notion of getting things right all the time. Moving the challenge of “always” from a concept to a daily objective in safety, quality, and patient satisfaction is a focal point for many, and may soon affect value-based incentive payments. Ways to accelerate the ability to develop new ideas and smooth methods for putting those ideas in play are needed, and it seems clear innovation has an important role. A fresh look at how to innovate may bear fruit on the path to “always.”

IT Governance and Organizational Effectiveness with IT

December 29, 2011  |  Travis Gathright
Ultimately, creating the right kind of IT governance will help make a patient care organization successful in its IT development efforts.

High Quality Break/Fix as a part of Zero Defects and Organizational Effectiveness with IT

April 2, 2010  | 
As we drive towards "Zero Defects" in all aspects of the delivery of care, a computer breaking can be a serious problem. Users expect a high-level of prevention strategies to keep any equipment from breaking at all.

The Important Role of Project Management in Organizational Effectiveness with IT

October 26, 2009  | 
An organization must execute well. The best plans do no good without the ability to execute, and like a computer-savvy user base, excellent execution can make up for a lot of mistakes in planning and IT contracting. While project management can make up for mistakes in planning, excellent project management begins in the planning phase.

The Systems Element and Oganizational Effectiveness with IT

August 21, 2009  | 
Along with good solutions through problem solving and a computer savvy user-base; systems and technology must be top-quality in an organization that is highly effective with IT. Usually in these organizations, you will find leadership committed to providing the best tools possible, regardless of whether or not the tools are computer-related, so people can have the best opportunity to do great work.

A Computer Savvy User-base is Critical to Organizational Effectivess with IT

July 6, 2009  | 
Continuing with the series on elements of Organizational Elements of Effectiveness with IT, we have come to “Computer Savvy of the User-base”.

Problem Solving as a key to Organizational Effectiveness with IT

June 18, 2009  | 
In my previous post, I outlined six elements that are important to being effective with IT as an organization. The first I will expand upon is "Problem Solving." Technology is simply an instrument like a saxophone, inanimate with the potential for sweet music or awful noise. Technology is a tool often without form. The central, and most difficult, element to attain in effectively using technology in an organization is problem solving. Problem solving is critical to understand how to give the tool the form needed, so it can be part of the cause to a desired effect.

Elements of Organizational Effectiveness with IT

June 4, 2009  | 
An organization that uses technology effectively must have several elements present.

Understanding Applications Administration Costs in the IT Spend

September 2, 2008  | 
The knowledge, skill, and ability necessary to administer applications often scale quite well as transaction volumes increase.  While volume may