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Vince Ciotti's HIS Vendor blog covers the latest developments in the vendor scene such as:...

Black Friday

June 27, 2010  | 
Wow, 2 HIT executives bite the dust on one day last week: 1. John Glaser is leaving Partners after a long and very successful career at one of the

Allsys? Eclipscript??

June 9, 2010  | 
Did you read my last commentary post? Well, if you did, the Allscripts/Eclipsys deal should be no surprise. How else does one compete with Judy's

NextGen enters HIS market

February 11, 2010  | 
Quality Systems, Inc., parent company of NextGen, has entered into an agreement to acquire Opus.  Austin, TX-based Opus has been selling its

CPSI 2009 Earnings Down

February 8, 2010  | 
Computer Products & Services (CPSI) just announced 2009 financial results, and they slipped a tad: for the 4th quarter, net income was down 26% to

HMS Acquires MedHost

February 3, 2010  | 
Nashville-based HMS, a leading player in the small-hospital total HIS space,  has acquired MedHost, a major player in ED systems.  We recently

2020 Predictions

January 5, 2010  | 
Really going out on a limb, here's a prediction of the outcome of each of the previous 2010 ventures 10 years later: 1. The Acquisition — the

2010 Predictions

January 5, 2010  | 
Sticking my neck out a bit, here's what I predict for HIT in 2010: 1.     Acquisition — a large, multi-billion dollar, multi-national company will

Quadra-Land? Health-Med??

December 8, 2009  | 
Today's announcement that QuadraMed is being acquired by Francisco Partners (FP), a VC firm from San Francisco should bode no evil for either QuadraMed or Healthland, FP's other recent HIS acquisition.

Charlie McCall Guilty

November 23, 2009  | 
Charlie McCall, former chairman of McKesson, was found guilty last Thursday in a retrial 10 years after HBOC cooked its books to get a huge price for its stock in its merger with McKesson.

Xerox Copy of Dell

September 28, 2009  | 
Sorry, couldn't resist that pun!  Some background: 2008: HP buys EDS, Ross Perot's original IT firm for $13.9B, making them 2nd to IBM in