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Dumb Headlines Make Me Mad

January 26, 2009
by aguerra
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Recent examples:

EMRs alone cannot reform healthcare, Connected Health chief warns; Who, exactly, is saying they can?

Experts: Hasty adoption of health IT could result in wasteful spending; Something done in haste might not be efficient? Really?

HP exec says to keep IT budgets high out of necessity; Out of necessity to whom?

Deloitte report identifies $530B savings opportunity for healthcare reform over 10 years; Not $531 billion?

Report says major investments result in fewer hospital-acquired infections; so would free hand washing



thanks Gwen. Keep em coming!

"Markets thrive when information flows freely, and they seize up when uncertainty replaces understanding."

-from 2009-01-26 WSJ, Gordon Crovitz, article titled: Bad News Is Better Than No News We need to know what's mucking up the financial system.

Free flow of 'correct' information will make markets work? Simplistic to the point of dumb.


Glad I'm not the only one! The ones that annoy me are the ones that make you say, "No s#&t!" Like this one I read yesterday, "Extended Shift Nurses Experience Drowsy Driving Episodes." No kidding?