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To Err is Human ... but on Equines?

April 23, 2009
by aguerra
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(CNN) -- A veterinary pharmacy in Florida acknowledged Thursday that it incorrectly prepared medication used to treat 21 horses who all died around the time of an international polo match last weekend.

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A really sad story, and a cautionary tale regarding human error. In the hospital setting a lot of attention is put on bedside medication administration and verification of the 'five rights'. However, an incorrectly prepared medication that was labelled correctly would slip through that bedside technology screen. Could there have been a better QA process in the pharmacy? Do veterinary pharmacists have fewer checks and balances compared to human pharmacists? I don't know the answers to these things but realize that despite improving technology, we still must place a great deal of faith in the skill and dedication of our human care-providers. Let's hope that there are lessons learned in this tragedy...