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My First Virtual Hospital Tour Trip Starts Tomorrow

March 24, 2008
by aguerra
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Tomorrow I fly to Phoenix, then a cab to Scottsdale to meet with Jim Cramer, CIO of Scottsdale Healthcare. Jim has been kind enough to invite me out there for HCI's first ever virtual hosptial tour. I've got a photographer meeting me at the hosptial who will follow Jim and me around the facility as he highlights all the IT Scottsdale Healthcare has put in place to make clinicians more efficient and improve care. I'll be blogging along my whole journey (a whopping two days -- gotta keep costs down) so you can follow along. But here's how you can help: Let me know what you'd like to see in the photos or what you'd like me to ask Jim about for the QandA. I've received over a dozen invitations for the tours from CIOs around the country -- so it's clear to me that people are proud of the work they've been doing. Thoughts?

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