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Open Source Silence

February 16, 2009
by aguerra
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the following is a letter to the editor I received, please feel free to weigh in with your thoughts:

Dear Mr. Guerra:

I have been reading HI a long time, and your piece "When the Time is Right" caught my eye recently.

I am a Chiropractor, so I read and keep hoping I'll find more about my small slice of the healthcare field, knowing that we'll never get that much press. What we do just isn't as glamorous or as newsworthy as stuff going on in other allied disciplines.

Regardless, we have to deal with information management and all the same headaches too. Since most Chiropractors I know run private and often sole practitioner clinics, we rarely have the budgetary means to support all the fancy systems that most MD's grow accustomed to, working in large clinics or hospitals.

Knowing that advertising dollars fund the bulk of the expense of publishing any printed matter today, I know my wishlist won't find much sympathy, but here goes. Why does the Open Source, i.e., Linux community have such rare showing in the field? Have there ever been any reviews, or ongoing coverage of new tools, new applications that are written for those of us who eschew Microsoft and prefer instead the raw horsepower, and speed that comes with open source software?

Does anyone raise the issue, does anyone ask for more coverage of this topic? I love to write, but don't profess to be Shakespeare or Thoreau or anything polished. I write what I feel and observe and see around me.

How might I jump into the fray and raise a voice in support of free and open source applications?

Please advise!

Dr. Scott S. Jones

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