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Social Networking Comes to HCI

September 4, 2008
by aguerra
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At HCI, we firmly believe our mission is to bring readers together to exchange information. In many ways, this is a departure from the traditional model of print journalism which, due to the Internet, has morphed from being a one-way street of information— with writers producing a story, sealing it and presenting it — to a two-way conversation. This change is largely based on the correct premise that editors will never be able to give you as much information as you can give each other.

When we write a story, we have time to interview half a dozen people, review a dozen Web sites and examine a few reports or documents. What we’re able to produce should form the beginning of a conversation, not the final word. In the new model of journalism, stories are still stories, and HCI editors will always bring you information through the valuable lens of a neutral third party. Our stories will still be inviolable and PDF-like, so you can trust that what you’re reading has been produced with a journalist’s judgment.

However, the future success of HCI depends not on these stories, but on the level of reader participation that takes place after the story — the reactions, the praise, complaints and, most importantly, the additional information you provide each other.

Now we’ve added another element in our drive to engage with you —social networking. So I ask you to visit If you already have a LinkedIn account, joining the group is easy. If you don’t, this may provide the impetus you’ve needed to create one. Through the network, you’ll be able to make connections and exchange ideas that should ultimately enhance your performance and supercharge your career.

We’re all working through these new features and functionalities offered by the Internet. Much like the future of journalism, we can’t do it alone, so please, keep the feedback coming.

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