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Travel Troubles

April 17, 2008
by aguerra
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Sure, I can understand what happened with American Airlines -- a "recall" of sorts had to take place due to a wiring problem. It shouldn't happen, but at least you can get your mind around what's going on. But when I found my trip out to Scottsdale Healthcare delayed by the following incident, it just blew my mind. We were sitting on the plane, just about to pull back from the gate, when the following happened.
What's probably not clear from the video is that a luggage cart (very heavy, sturdy motorized machines) somehow crashed into the engine of our plane (I blame the driver, of course). We felt the bump from the shock, but got the greater shock when told that we'd have to get off the plane until the airline figured out what was going on. I wondered, what kind of damage could the cart really have done? The driver was probably going 2 mph and surely couldn't have given us more than the gentlest of nudges. I was wrong. When I got back into the terminal, I took the following video.
A 4 pm departure turned into an 8:30 one, followed by a five hour flight from NJ to AZ. Good times. As you'll see in other blog entries, sometimes it's the nightmare of travel that makes as much of an impact on our staff as the excitement of healthcare IT. But my tour of Scottsdale Healthcare with CIO Jim Cramer was a wonderful experience. We're currently working to get the photo gallery or slideshow online, and I think it will be a big hit with you, our readers.

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