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Interview Requests

September 24, 2009
by daphne
| Reprints

Hi everybody, I'm working on my next month's stories for the print magazine. Would you like to be feautred in the story? You can if you have experience to share on either of these two topics:


For many CIOs, HITECH has pushed a lot of IT initiatives to the back burner — and high on that list is ICD-10. Though it’s still several years away, the potential for losing reimbursement is high. Can CIOs afford to risk waiting on an ICD-10 strategy when they will surely be held accountable by the CFO for any lost revenue? HCI will take a look at IT strategies for the changeover, including governance, project management, new titles, managing outside links, and identifying and mitigating risk. We’ll include the latest timelines and answer the question, when it comes to ICD-10, does a CIO lead or follow? AND Voice Recognition in Documentation

Physician documentation in EMRs will be a lynchpin of achieving meaningful use in hospitals, and some are already turning to speech recognition as a documentation solution for the physician narrative. While structured notes can reduce some burden on the physician, finding the correct balance between structured and unstructured notes is a challenge. And while voice recognition can lower an organization’s transcription costs, some docs are not interested in editing their own (possibly error-ridden) voice-recognized notes. How can these offerings be balanced when some high earners want to stick with business as usual?

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