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Live From HIMSS: Buddy Guy

April 5, 2009
by daphne
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I just hit Chicago around noon (right, flight delay), so I haven’t put my finger on the pulse of HIMSS yet—but I spent a while this afternoon just walking the hall and orienting myself to where I want to go tomorrow. As yet, I have not gotten a real vibe. Lower attendance? Not sure. But I’m having a good time, and that’s because I keep running into people I’ve interviewed, which is just so cool--for me AND for them. But it’s all percolating guys, so keep stopping by and throwing ideas at me, I like it. I’m in the Healthcare Informatics booth tomorrow from 3-6. If I start to look glazed when you’re talking to me, hang in there--after a while, it all gels together and the lightbulb goes off.

What I am loving this year is Twitter, which is making this HIMSS a little different. Check it out if you haven’t yet, you can find my updates there, and Kate Gamble’s too (thanks Kate, for turning me on to this). I’ll be posting observations as they hit me tomorrow. For today, I’m happy to post this picture of Buddy Guy taken at his club last night, courtesy of Rich Temple. See you all tomorrow.

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