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A Merger? But What About ME?!

October 1, 2008
by daphne
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Here’s the deal. You just found out your hospital is merging. As CIO, how do you protect your… position… during this challenging time?

Tough times out there. Given the economic climate, I bet we’re going to see more and more mergers—and that means you CIOs should have a strategy in place. But what kind of strategy? An exit strategy or how to play in the sandbox? Sometimes, no matter how much you try, the culture change is not going to cut it for you. The question is, how much do you try? Can you really handle getting approval for every little thing? Or following a standard policy when yours is working just fine? And what about the guys in your department—how are you going to tell them?

And what if you’re the CIO of the acquiring hospital? How do you get your new partner on board—and loyal? Will the staff resent you? And what do you do if everyone walks?

This is a story that needs to get out there. Because next week, it could be about you.

I’ll be talking to CIOs who’ve lived through this. If you want to share your thoughts (on record or not) let me know, especially if you’re CIO of the new parent hospital.

“Be prepared” is not just for the Boy Scouts.

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