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Next Month's Lineup

April 28, 2009
by daphne
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I always wonder if I’m on target when I pick my stories for the month. I think these two are right on.

Yes or no? If you have anything you think would add to the dialogue, chime right in and I’ll follow up with you.

Post-Discharge Care/Re-admissions

The New England Journal of Medicine recently reported that 20 percent of Medicare patients are re-admitted within a month. Better hand offs and post discharge follow-up are going to be more closely scrutinized as bundling gains inroads—and should be on every CIO’s radar, since the new administration plans to lower payments to hospitals with excessive re-admission rates. Can HIT help?

Getting Ready to Define Meaningful Use

Are you getting the most out of your EMR? Hospitals will soon be asked to demonstrate “meaningful use” of these expensive systems by the new administration. And savvy CIOs are already laying the groundwork by beginning to analyze how they are utilizing their systems-- and seeing where there are gaps. What are CIOs doing to measure their definition of meaningful? And might going the consultant route might be worth the while?

I'm looking for CIOs who are doing good stuff in either of these two areas—or think they know what they SHOULD be doing. Thanks!



I think your topics are right on target!

The upcoming scrutiny and possible change in payment policy for readmissions have the potential to radically alter a hospitals bottom line. CMOs, CIO and everyone else needs to start educating themselves on this.

And, of course, the stakes are quite high for the way in which we define and ajudicate "meaningful use."