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Summer in the City

July 29, 2008
by daphne
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It's summer and all I want to do is go fishing.
I’m lucky because I live near a pier, and depending on high tide, I can grab my pole and go after work. (see picture of me and my river below)

But my stories don’t write themselves. So, this month, if you could help me out, I would be so grateful. Here are the two stories I came up with; if you would like to be interviewed for either one, email me asap.

1. Migration
You’re switching to a new enterprise EMR. The vendor’s been selected, the money’s been committed, but now you actually have to migrate to the new system. Where do you start? How far out did you start planning? What about budget, redundancy and contingency plans? How much does the vendor do—or not do? And are consultants really necessary?’ And is ‘no downtime during the conversion’ is a reality or a pipe dream.
2. Budget
2. IT budgets no longer sit in the three-ring binder on a shelf. What are good budget strategies for one, three and five year plans? What goes into a good budget — and how you can sell it to the Board or CFO. Are CIOs getting the budget they need to support new responsibilities like biomed? What about risky IT investment and rolling over capital to the next year?
Thanks everybody--and now if you'll excuse me I need to take some bunker out of the freezer...

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