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Thanks, Subway, for lowing the price on my sandwich maintenance

January 28, 2009
by Drex DeFord
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Have you seen the most recent TV Commercial from Subway? “Due to the current economic crisis, Subway will be lowering prices on our sandwiches”. Then a guy in the audience almost passes out from disbelief, admiration and excitement.


I was talking to a buddy of mine earlier this week. He works for one of the organizations that rates vendors based on product, performance and service. As we talked about what a vendor could do in this environment that would really get my attention, and make me a loyal customer in these tough times. Made me think...


Wouldn’t it be cool if a vendor called me and said, “Hey, Drex, you’ve been a loyal customer of ours for several years; I know times are tough, and I know you’re getting roughed up over there on your operating budget. I sat down with the boss today, and here’s what we decided: I’m going to lower the price on your maintenance this year by X%. I hope that helps you, and again, thanks for being such a great customer.”


I might almost pass out from disbelief, admiration and excitement.



With the way things are, I'm really surprised more vendors aren't doing that! If so many hospitals are feeling the economic crunch, the vendors must be as well. So how are they staying afloat - simply be raising prices? If that's the case, they aren't looking very long-term.

p.s. After reading about subs, I'm hungry for lunch!!