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The Odds and Ends of the Healthcare Informatics 100

May 21, 2014
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The Healthcare Informatics 100 is by all measures, a beast.

It’s a project that lasts from mid March to late May and encompasses the time of the Healthcare Informatics editorial staff as well as the folks at two market research and analysis companies: Porter Research (Atlanta) and ST Advisors LLC (San Francisco). The list you see is the result of countless email chains, phone conferences, research dives, decisions, and Excel spreadsheets.

For all the work that goes into it, it’s extremely rewarding to see the response we get every year. It is by far, our most popular feature. Readership rockets upward this time of year as people flock to see where the heavyweights in this industry stand. Who shot up? Who went down? Who stayed the same? I do believe it is a measuring stick.

That’s not all though. Although the HCI 100 is not an award (it’s an editorially-driven research project), companies do promote the fact they are on it with press releases, tweets, and the like.

What I love though, is that it’s become a bit of a rallying cry for state pride. This past year, when I was at HIMSS, I was amazed to hear how the Georgia Department of Economic Development used our list as a benchmark to promote the fact that Georgia is a health IT hub.

However, Georgia is actually not the top state represented in the Healthcare Informatics 100. That would be my home state of Massachusetts, which has 16 companies represented. It was cool to see the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative promote that on Twitter:

Tweets like that make this “beast” worth working on. So in honor of the Healthcare Informatics 100, here are some fun facts and figures on this year’s list.

HCI 100 Facts and Figures

Top Revenue: $3.41 billion ($2.9 billion five years ago)

Bottom Revenue: $35.8 million ($5.1 million five years ago)

States with Highest Representation: Massachusetts (16), California (10), Georgia (8), Virginia (6), Tennessee (6)

Cities with the Highest Representation: Franklin, TN (4) and Alpharetta, GA (4)

Biggest Moves: Experian Health (74th to 44th), Greenway Health (53rd to 32nd), GE Healthcare (23rd to 9th), MedAssets (31st to 17th)

Number of Mergers and Acquisitions Listed:  32

Most Popular Years Founded: 1996 (7), 1999 (6)

Oldest Company: Elsevier (1880)

Youngest Company: Nordic Consulting Partners and CompuGroup Medical (2010)

See you next year for the 2015 rendition.

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