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How To Draw (Positive) Attention To Healthcare IT In Less Than One Minute

May 1, 2009
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Nominations for Modern Healthcare’s eighth annual ranking of the 100 Most Powerful People in Healthcare are now being accepted. Readers can visit the magazine’s Web site and nominate a person who they think can influence the direction of the $2.5 trillion healthcare industry.

This year’s nomination process will run through May 8, when they will narrow the slate to the top 300 candidates who will make up the final ballot. They will post the final ballot on their Web site on May 25, and readers can vote for their top 10 candidates through June 26. The top 100 vote-getters will make up the final ranking, which will be published in their August 24 issue.

In thinking about whose inclusion on this list might best bring attention to Healthcare IT specifically, it occurred to me that alongside the obvious candidates like those in 2008 -- President Obama, Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt – we need to include Healthcare IT industry professionals who we look to for accurate, timely, and, dare I say it, “meaningful” information. Although largely behind the scenes, many hard-working journalists are living, breathing, and eating EMRs, HITECH, and ARRA so that we can be more knowledgeable and therefore better equipped and qualified to contribute to the collective “future of Healthcare IT” conversation. For this reason, I’ve chosen to nominate Anthony Guerra, the Editor-in-Chief of this publication, Healthcare Informatics (located in NYC). Anthony has done a tremendous job of growing this publication – in particular the online component – and I am confident that his rational yet passionate voice will be one we can count on as the future of Healthcare IT unfolds (even if he doesn't look quite as juicy as Miss California in his bathing suit).

With me? Please submit your nomination here – it will take you less than a minute!

Nominate Anthony Guerra

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